Shine Bright Like A Tynan: Bright Beauty For Spring That Won't Break The Bank

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March 22, 2013
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I hope the weather is becoming spring-like where you are. As I type this, I’m curled up in a ball, covered up in a blanket, enjoying the heat of my laptop that is sure to overheat any second. It is NINE degrees outside. Nine of them. UGH.

Y’all, it’s March! I need it to get warmer so I can go back to my trademark spring look, rocking sheer T-shirts and 80 gold chains.

Maybe if I write about spring beauty products, spring will come faster. What do you say?

Frigid or not, the beauty industry waits for no one. Look around! All of our favorite companies are rolling out new products and spring collections for us to get excited about, and it looks like everyone is really pushing bright colors. I’ve got a couple suggestions for getting spring looks without breaking the bank, so put away your navy nail polish and oxblood lipstain and let’s get vivid.

Let’s start with your cheeks, shall we?

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in “Flushed”

I first came across this cream blush when a bunch of my friends and I were going to some pop show. I was being terrible as usual and decided to come with my best rave look, for absolutely no reason at all (think Macaulay Culkin in "Party Monster"). This hot pink blush is perfect for just a sheer layer of color, or a more extreme pop of serious pink. It can take you from a demure, flushed, Elle Fanning cheek, to a bold, Cyndi Lauper, rock star look. Who do you want to be today?

The formula is very pliable and easy to work with, whether you’re applying it with a makeup sponge or even just using your fingers. Another bonus? It’s ultra blendable. On its own, you can blend it flawlessly since it is so easy to control the coverage, but it works even better if you take the time to apply a primer beforehand. I mean, primers make all application easier, yes, but they end up doing half of the work for you with this cream blush. Let us never forget the important of a primer.

Last, the cream blush has killer staying power, which is a plus because it wont smudge or fade, but it’s not going to stain your skin and be a pain to get off when you come home from the office or leave that warehouse party.

The Revlon Photoready Cream Blush comes the hot pink that I love called “Flushed,” a bright orange called “Coral Reef” and a more neutral shade, “Pinched.” The more I write about it, the more I love it.

NEXT WE HAVE Maybelline New York blush in “Coral Burst.”

Maybelline hasn’t released any promotional shots of their seasonal products, so click the link above real quick to see the color.

Coral Burst is a limited edition bright orange baked blush. Orange isn’t the easiest color to find when you’re looking in a drugstore, and I love that Maybelline just went for it with this one. Because it is a baked blush, the makeup feels creamier than a normal pressed powder, which also makes it easier to work with. The blush is more buildable so you can take it from a sheer hint of orange to a very vibrant, intense pop of color without looking like you caked it on.

Don’t be afraid to just take that floofy makeup brush and go to town. I love a woman with orange cheeks, I don’t even think it looks crazy! Am I alone in that? Plus, this color looks amazing on every skin tone.

Now, two for your lips!

Let me swerve on the brights for a minute because the L’Oreal Color Riche Balm Versailles Romance collection has got you covered on perfect spring pastels.

This is the pink one:

But I REALLY wanted you guys to see this cutie little collection in its entirety, so I snapped this racy picture of all six perfect pastel shades.

Truthfully, this line caught my eye because of the colors alone, but could you blame me? Especially when there’s a lavender, a yellow, and a baby blue? L’Oreal is really bringing that Easter Sunday LOOK with this collection, and I am not mad.

But, ignore the colors for a minute, if that’s even possible. The lip balm is buttery smooth and boasts up to eight hours of continuous moisture. It’s thick and soft when layered up, without being sticky. Most of the colors from the original Color Riche Lip Balm colors, as well as the Versailles Romance collection, leave you with a nice layer of sheer color, but the yellow and blue ones do not (relief/bummer).

They smell as nice as they feel too. And just look at those sophisticated little tubes! I love lip balms that don’t just look like another boring stick of Chapstick.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait. I really need to, like, talk to you guys about something. (We’re back to brights, by the way. But wasn’t that a fun little pastel pit stop??) OK, so who here has seen/tried/fallen in love with Maybelline Color Sensational VIVIDS lipstick?

Surprise! I’m obsessed.

For me to like the color pink, it has to be the perfect shade of hot, juicy, Malibu Barbie pink. The Maybelline Color Sensational VIVIDS line is made up of 10 shades, variations of my very favorite shade of pink, plus two bright oranges, a red, a lavender, and a purple. The lipsticks are insanely pigmented so it only takes two or three swipes to achieve opacity.

Vivids promise at least four hours of wear, and though they are not classified as moisturizing, they are formulated with honey nectar to keep your lips smooth and springy without drying them out.

Just look at them, they’re perfect for spring! Have you tried them? I’ve swatched a few of them on my arm and just about died of the perfection, but I haven’t actually rocked one. What is your favorite shade? I’m loving “Fuschia Flash” and “Hot Plum.” I love a hot pink lip and these are just perfect. I’m so tempted to try it, why the hell not.

Last, we have the “HONEY SWEETHEART” fragrance from the Bath & Body Works “Sweethearts” collection.

I’d say that don’t really like Bath & Body Works, but let’s be real, we all LOVE Bath & Body Works. Don’t lie! I’ve seen you in the comments, preaching that Warm Vanilla Sugar gospel! Truthfully, I try to keep my distance because the place gives me panic attacks, but sometimes I just can’t resist peeking inside to smell a new scent or knock things over.

“Honey Sweetheart” is one of three new flirty, girly scents for spring. Bath & Body Works will tell you that it is “sweet as can be with honeyed violets and pink sugar,” but I am going to tell you something different (PS what’s a honeyed violet?): Honey Sweetheart smells EXACTLY LIKE GUMMY BEARS.

That may not be big news to you but it is to me because I looove gummy bears! I love gummy anything! Actually, I think I just like chewing. I seriously just really love the act and feeling of chewing. Second only to climaxing. Do you know what I mean? Do any of you love to chew? I can’t be the only one, no one is ever alone on xoJane.

God, anyway. Just smell Honey Sweetheart and see if you agree. I promise you will.

So, what are your thoughts on these springy products? Any new products that you’re loving right now? Anything in your beauty arsenal that you always break out when the weather warms up? Tell me everything. Also, I’m going to be terrorizing Washington DC next week, so tell me fun things to do!

Tynan is freezing, waiting for spring, and going on more last minute vacations on Twitter: @TynanBuck.