If you love sexy hairstylists and hand-crafted, custom organic hair products, grab a corn cob pipe and get out a jug. I've got some top-secret hair hooch to share.
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September 27, 2012
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Remember the Warren Beatty movie Shampoo where he played George, a sexy, suave, charming Beverly Hills hairdresser who bedded all kinds of beautiful women, including the adorable Goldie Hawn?

Well, meet the 2012 version of Warren Beatty’s George -- hot hippie dippy hairstylist Julio Romano.

Yes, that picture of Warren Beatty really does hang in Julio's Los Angeles salon. I took that photo of it the last time I was there.

I’ve known Julio forever and a day. Not only is he one of the few peeps I trust with my insanely highlighted hair, he’s also a great kisser. YOU JUST NEVER MIND HOW I KNOW THAT, OKAY?

For years, Julio has been mixing up super custom, truly organic hair products in a bathtub in the back of his salon for very special clients. He's kind of a moonshiner of hair care products. Every time I've gone home from his salon, it's always been with some strange potion in an unmarked bottle. (I've got moonshiners in my family, so I'm really no stranger to being sent along with a cryptically marked jar of "secret sauce.")

Julio's hair product recipes are all based on stuff his brilliant Laurel Canyon hippie mom Victoria used on herself back in the 1960s. Lest you doubt his hippie cred, check out this photo of Julio's family taken in 1975.

Now Julio’s beautiful, 100% natural and organic hair products (which are mercifully no longer made in an actual bathtub!) are finally available to EVERYONE in the form of the Shampoolio hair product line.

Yes, you read that right: Julio+Shampoo=SHAMPOOLIO. When I asked Julio today if his products were tested on animals, he said: “Hardly. They are tested only on me!” Everything is made right here in Los Angeles, and all containers are 100% recyclable. He may have proper labels now, but Julio's main focus is still squarely on the formulas.

The ingredients (or lack of ingredients, I should say) Julio uses in his products are not to be believed. You can recognize and pronounce every single ingredient that I've listed here. They are outrageously simple and totally pure. Shampoolio products also really work and smell friggin' delicious.

Shampoolio Dry Shampoo, 1.5 oz/$22.00.

Ingredients: Finely ground corn, essential oils.

I am a complete connoisseur of dry shampoos, as I have greasy roots every single day by noon. I’ve tried almost every dry shampoo there is. I used to spend a shit-ton of dough on Klorane’s spray dry shampoo, as I thought it was one of the best, but Shampoolio’s dry shampoo blows Klorane out of the water for many reasons.

First of all, it lasts forever -- I’ve had the same little shaker vial for over 4 months, and I use it daily. A little bit really goes a long way. Secondly, I find it to be one of the only dry shampoos I have used that doesn’t leave white stuff in your hair. It completely attaches itself to the oil in your hair and then just disappears. Most dry shampoos contain silica and talc, which sits on top of your hair and leaves that telltale white residue.

Shampoolio Calm Cream, 2 oz/$30.00.

Ingredients: Camellia oil, aloe vera, organic raw apple cider vinegar, essential oils.

Shampoolio’s Calm Cream wasn’t a product I thought would work on my baby fine hair, as everything I put in it weighs it down. But I’ve found that a dime-sized amount rubbed between my hands and then worked through my hair before I hit it with the blow dryer works wonders. I don’t have as many flyways and my hair doesn’t feel like straw as it does sometimes after I blast it with scorching heat. (Which I do DAILY -- I’m so, so bad.)

Shampoolio “Day Two” Volumizing Spray, 2 oz/$26.00.

Ingredients: Spring water, organic cane sugar, sea salt, camellia oil, aloe vera, essential oils.

I always love the idea of beach or surf sprays, as my hair looks most amazing anytime I get in the ocean. The only problem is that most of the ones I’ve tried make my hair too crispy and crunchy instead of just sexpot tousled like I want.

Shampoolio’s “Day Two” spray adds a wavy, beachy texture that is pure sexbomb. It’s also great for adding some roughness to your hair before a blowout or an updo. It literally delivers what it says -- perfect 2nd day hair even when it’s squeaky clean. I wash my hair every single day, so using this product is the only way I’ll ever manage to get day 2 hair.

Shampoolio also makes a Curl Cream that my best friend swears by, but I’ve never tried it.

Shampoolio Curl Cream, 2oz/$30.00

Ingredients: Camellia oil, aloe vera, organic cane sugar, organic raw apple cider vinegar, essential oils.

In case you weren’t aware, this is my hair. There is literally ZERO curl involved, no matter how hard I try:

I do religiously use a little bit of the Shampoolio pomade to smooth my flyaways and give my hair a bit of a piece-y texture before I walk out the door. It’s a great unisex product -- when he had hair, my boyfriend used it too.

Shampoolio Pomade, 2 oz/$26.00.

Ingredients: Beeswax, coconut oil, camellia oil, organic raw apple cider vinegar, essential oils.

I ordered some of my beloved Shampoolio dry shampoo from the site as a test to see how fast the shipping was, as Shampoolio isn't a giant corporation; it's literally one single hairstylist doing what he loves. I ordered it on a Monday and it was in my mailbox on Wednesday, perfectly and safely packaged.

All Shampoolio products use food-grade oils and ingredients. There are no chemicals, no parabens and no additives. They are 100% organic and totally free of preservatives, so you have to use 'em up once you open them, and shake well before using them every time. It’s a small price to pay for knowing exactly what you are putting on your body.

Plenty of products claim to be organic, but not many are actually pure enough to say that they were born in a bathtub.

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