I Tried Sephora's New Spray-On Blush Because What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Build-able blush in a can (just don't spray it directly into your eyes like I did).
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February 10, 2016
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I love innovations in beauty. I love new products. And I also love really bad ideas.

There are some beauty products that sound like they would be great, but fall short in real life. On the other hand, there are a ton of beauty products that sound stale, only to wind up as clutch products that you can't live without. That's what makes this beauty shit so fun — we're all doing it differently, and need different things from different products.

But who, I would ask, would need a spray-on blush? You got me, dude. Sephora apparently thought we did though, because they just launched their Perfection Mist Airbrush Blush.

It's available in four (really gorgeous) colors, of which I grabbed the brightest, pinkest one, because you wouldn't expect anything less from me at this point. I was apprehensive, because it just seems like there are a lot more ways that this could go wrong than right, you know?

I know this isn't the first spray-on product to hit the market. We have primers, setting sprays, even spray-on foundations that I'm interested in/terrified of. Those products seem like they'd be a lot safer in spray form than blush, right? Do any of you use spray on foundations? Tell me in the comments. Oh, and remind me to call in that spray-on nail polish...

Now, I'm not saying blush is rocket science, but it would seem like getting this right would take a little more finesse than just one pass with a spray can in terms of placement, shape, and intensity.

Once I started to see this product rear its head in more and more places, so I finally copped one of my own to try it out. I played around with it for a while before actually spraying it on my face, just to get a feel for it, how hard it sprayed, color payoff, all of that. Here were my initial thoughts:

First, the color is very sheer and build-able, which makes it surprisingly usable. I thought I was going to have a bright pink dot on my cheek after one once-over spray, but that was not the case at all.

The instructions on the can tell you to hold it six to eight inches away from your face, and, to me, that's too far. The spray is pretty powerful, but I feel like eight inches gives the product too much hang time in the air, making it disperse out wider than where you're aiming.

Having just been shot out of a can like spray paint or, I don't know, mace, it's obviously going to be very wet when it lands on your cheek. It dries quickly, leaving a few seconds for you to move it around or blend it out and leaving no sheen behind when all is said and done.

But does it work?

I uncapped and shook, getting ready to tag up my face and holding it about four inches from my cheek. At this point, I realized that accidentally spraying it in my eye was a very real possibility, so I tried to position the nozzle in away that would ensure it landed under my eye, onto the apple of my cheek.

Then, I pressed the nozzle and sprayed it directly into my eye.

Sephora's Perfection Mist Airbrush Blush revealed it's biggest challenge (for me): spraying and placement. The only thing I'm used to spraying on my face is (wait for it) a setting spray, which you can pretty much do haphazardly since the goal is to have everything covered. This takes a little bit more — what word did I just use? — oh yea, *finesse.* The experience was one of those "go by feel" situations.

I lowered the can so that the spray wasn't getting in my eye and felt like it was hitting the right spots on my face. This is why the product being so sheer really works — there's room for error while still allowing you to pull off a beautiful flush of color. Let me walk you through it:

Here I am with one full pass of the blush. It felt like I was spraying on a lot of product, but there's only a hint of color there:

If you can't tell that there's any color, it's fine, that's the point. I can tell, but it's also my face, which I spend an inordinate amount of time examining with excruciating detail:

Here is two passes, where you can see the color starting to build:

Yea? Yea? Yea. Now, if I was just doing a ~day look~ I would have stopped there. It's a nice, natural flush of color that doesn't scream "I'm wearing makeup."

You guys know that the last thing I care about is passing myself off as bare faced, I mean, by now, the jig is up. Or looking "natural," for that matter. BUT. I wasn't expecting this to apply so gently or be so wearable.

Here, I will say that instead of spraying it on the apple of my cheek and pulling it back toward my ear, I actually pulled it sideways, away from my face, in a windshield wiper motion (if that makes sense):

This way, the can was only ever closest to the apple of my cheek during application, instead of being the same distance from my face the entire time I was spraying.

I found that this helped the product fall in a way that looked more natural. Instead of having an even bar of color on the side of my face, pulling it away from my face in a sideways motion helped the color land in a way that naturally blended it back.

But I still upped it to three passes:

Still into it.

The directions say that you can spray it directly onto your skin, like I did above, spray it onto a brush or a sponge and then apply. Well, if there's one thing I love, it's a middle man.

I sprayed the blush onto my Beauty Blender at very close range, execution style, and then tapped it onto my face. This gave me the color payoff of three passes of the spray can in one go. It also gave me a little bit more control over exactly where the product landed on my face.

But then this begins to beg the question: What's the point of a spray blush if you're just going to spray it on something that's not your face in order to put it on your face?

To me, what makes this product stand out is the consistency. I usually don't gravitate toward anything sheer, because hi, I came to party. BUT. Whether I spraying it from the can or using my Beauty Blender, I really did love how it took to my skin like it was just adding a natural flush. I know that's a claim that a lot of color products like to make, "a natural flush!" But with this, it really rings true.

I love any blush that's not a powder, because I hate powders, but a lot of those that I have tried require a very light, careful hand in order to not overdo it. This was more workable and forgiving, which is a plus.

It also dries down and does not budge, and it's waterproof, so this shit is not going anywhere once you get it to where you want it. That's great for me, since I work in a bar at night and tend to sweat off or accidentally wipe off my makeup, or have it melted off in the biannual occasion that I get a drink thrown in my face. Did I ever tell you guys about that time when I got my eyelash extensions filled and then, four hours later while the glue was still curing, threw a margarita into my own face? Another time.

Turns out, there are a bunch of reasons to love spray-on blush. You just have to get the hang of it and it may be your new favorite.

Have you tried spray-on blush? Do you use spray-on foundation? Tell me everything in the comments!

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