SCRATCH! The Incredible Monthly Nail Art Box That I Must Tell You About

There’s a new (like, really new) monthly nail art subscription service that combines everything i love about nail art, so you can get wild, unique nails at home super easily and forever be the nastiest girl on the block.
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August 19, 2013
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NAIL ART! I love it, you love it, and beauty enthusiasts are doing an effecting job of beating it to death everywhere you turn. You can’t escape it. Even beauty companies have started working a hard nail art angle into their typical “Hey buy this nail polish” advertisements. I kind of feel bad for the OG nail hotties that have always been on top of their nail art. But, there’s room for everybody.

Well, almost everybody. In theory, nail art is great. But dude, in practice? You and I both know that shit is way too complicated for the average Jane to pull off on the regular. I rarely attempt anything crazy, and when I do, it surprisingly looks pretty great, but you also have to realize that I’m not an actual person. It takes patience, which I have none of, a steady hand, which I also don’t have because I am always starving myself to death, and a myriad of teeny little brushes, which I always forget to wash after use.

Enter nail wraps. They’re great, if you get ones of quality. Have you ever used wraps that give you the distinct feeling that whoever made them had never actually used a nail wrap before? There’s a lot of ways for them to go wrong, they can be too sticky, not flexible enough, fray at the edges. You have to be careful which ones you pick because the bad ones aren’t worth a second of your time. Nail wraps are like boys, in that way.


Allow me to get to the point. There’s a new (like, really new) monthly nail art subscription service that combines everything we love about nail art, so you can get wild, unique nails at home super easily and forever be the nastiest girl on the block.

It’s called the Scratch Monthly Mani Box, and it’s deadly.

Here’s the deal. Every month, Scratch sends you a little box filled with three sets of nail wraps that have been designed by a featured artist. Each comes with 16 wraps, Wanna see this month's designs?

That’s cool enough on its own, but they also include tools and accents to further customize your manicure, usually in the form of studs and other nail embellishments. They also included brush-on clear gel resin (nail glue, so you can stick all that shit on and it won’t budge) and a bottle of Seche Vite in this month’s box too! Seche Vite is the baddest topcoat in existence! I screamed when I saw it. Annie is a new fan of Seche Vite, and Natalie introduced me to it. Finally, they include a surprise gift, which in August’s box was an itty bitty origami crane, which has something to do with the featured artist.

The nail wraps are great quality and very easy to use. I had minimal chipping during wear, and they are removable with acetone, or just yanking them right off. It couldn’t be more simple.

But here are some tips, to get the most out of your mani box.

They include a little nail file so you can file the excess nail wrap off of your nail. But, the grit on this file is really, really course and threatens to chew up the nail wrap, making it look chipped. I opted for a regular nail file when applying my wraps because it made the edges cleaner. Sorry to throw you under the bus there, Scratch, I’m just trying to make everyone look as hot as possible!

And, the nail glue that they give you is some heavy duty shit, so don’t take the cap off and immediately bring it to your nose and inhale, like I did, for no reason. I have no idea why I did that, I wasn’t trying to huff the glue or whatever but BOY did I regret doing so. I was coughing and hacking and my eyes were watering, it wasn’t a pretty sight.

The upside of this is that those studs are going NOWHERE during wear. The few times I’ve worn nail accents like that, I’ve always been apprehensive that they would come off at the worst times, like into somebody’s drink when I’m bar tending (this is THEORETICAL, boss, if you are reading this xoxo). This isn’t a worry with the Scratch kit.

Overall, Scratch makes your nails look DISGUSTING in the very best ways. I’ve been staring at my nails even more than I usually do ever since I started using the kit. I’m on my second set of nail wraps by the way. I wore the first to my housewarming (apartment-warming?) party and all of my friends GAGGED over how cool they were.

I'm currently wearing the Abstract design, and I'm completely in love.

Honestly, I get a little salty when people say “oh my god, your nails look amazing! Are those wraps?” I’m like, “Why does it matter? They still look better than YOURS.” Sorry.

Your first Scratch Mani Box is $25, and the rest are $30. To me, it's totally worth it because everything included is of the utmost quality, the designs are bananas, and you get at least 4 manicures. That could last you the whole month!

Do you love it? I love it so hard. Tell me your feelings on nail art, and everything else, in the comments.

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