SCORE: I Found Some Cheapie Nude Headbands Like The Ones From The Marc Jacobs Runway Show

I wanted to try this look as soon as I saw it.

When it comes to Fashion Week stuff, I can tell the difference between when I like a certain look and when I LUUURVE it based on whether or not I’m still thinking about it days or even weeks later. I tend to get obsessive about things that I want to buy or try -- it’s the reason that I’m a chronic magazine page-ripper-outer.

One beauty moment that I can’t get out of my head is the hair at the Marc Jacobs fall 2014 show. The models had these severe, uneven bobs that were held back with wide, stretchy headbands in shades of beige and brown that closely matched their complexions, hair color or both.

I know neutrals aren’t the sexiest colors, but I loved the overall nude effect, especially because it was inclusive. The brown-skinned models weren’t wearing head wraps in what’s often considered the standard flesh-tone (you know, like the color of Band-Aids). Their headbands were brown, like their skin.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s only recently that the old concept of “nude” in beauty and fashion has started to change to be more representative of women of different races. The MJ show might have been a subtle nod to that, but other brands have been deliberately coming up with products that embrace diversity, like Clinique and the 16 Shades of Beige collection they launched a couple of months ago. We have a gazillion different skin tones in this country and it’s nice to see a company acknowledge and celebrate that. See how I tricked you into thinking this post was about a beautiful runway idea, but it’s actually about diversity in America? Gotcha!

Anyway, back to the hair accessories. I found a pack of Scunci headwraps like the ones at Marc Jacobs that are currently on sale at Walmart for less than four bucks! The set includes a black and a white one (which are always useful) as well as sand, ivory and brown-colored bands.

Here's my interpretation:

Not bad, right? My posing could use some work, though. Emily can attest to the fact that as soon as someone points a camera at me, I freeze up and get all awkward. I have a feeling this job will eventually cure me of that.

Who else is feeling the nude headband thing? Do you get inspired by what you see on the runway?