SAY GOODBYE TO SUMMER And Hello To These New Beauty Products!

The changing of the seasons always brings one reliable perk: NEW BEAUTY PRODUCTS!
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September 18, 2013
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Saying goodbye to summer is always a trial for me. Not only because I can no longer bash around the city wearing sheer T-shirts and drink on patios with the sun on my shoulders until 9 pm, but because I always feel that another summer gone is an additional reminder of my dwindling youth. Melodramatic much? Probs. It’s a good thing my bathroom is littered with all of these stupid expensive skincare products to hide both my signs of aging and my raging pessimism.

BUT, the changing of the seasons always brings one reliable perk: NEW BEAUTY PRODUCTS! A silver lining if there ever was one. After all, what prescription could better combat seasonal depression than new nail polish?

Wow. Good thing I’m not a doctor. But good thing I AM your beauty writer, because I’ve got a couple new products that have found their way to my clutches that I’m very down for. Let’s talk.

First off, the new Halo Highlighting Wand from Smashbox.

“UGH,” I hear the crowds roar, “he’s covering another highlighter?!”

Stay with me.

Because this one is worth a mention, OK? No two highlighters are the same. You have some that are cautiously sheer, some that are sticky and almost too opaque, pearl highlighters, bronze highlighters, and everything in between. The Smashbox Halo Highlighter, dare I say it, packs almost the perfect opacity-to-glow ratio (does that even make sense? I was the farthest thing from a math major.)

First, the wand. It’s made of plastic and is as thick as one of those Crayola markers we used in elementary school, so it’s durable enough to throw in your purse and bang around. I always appreciate a beauty product that can take a beating. When you pop off the cap, the applicator is a brush that is surprisingly thick.

A couple clicks of the pen to get the illuminator flowing and you’re ready to glow, glow, glow.

The illuminator itself is a lot of shimmer without an opaque cream base, so once you brush it onto your skin, all you need to do is distribute the product around your face. You don’t need to worry about rubbing it in to get rid of any creamy looking aftermath. The brush applicator applies the product subtly enough that you won’t overdo it right off the bat, but if you want a little more glow, just give it another click and brush away.

The Halo Highlighting Wand comes in pearl and gold. Smashbox sent me GOLD to take for a spin, I'm assuming this is due to my recent obsession with the precious metal. I used it on Friday night and really fell in love. The shimmer takes to skin beautifully without being sparkly, and the brush is great to blend it out nicely so you can have a little more shimmer where you want it without looking like you’re wearing shiny war paint. Feel me? What other illuminators should I try? My guess is none, since you’re all probably sick of hearing me rave about them. xo

Next, the nail polish collection I have been waiting for what seems like forever…

THE PRINCESS OF THE NIGHT COLLECTION, by the OG nail hustlers, my main girls at Floss Gloss.

I wore Floss Gloss pretty much exclusively all spring and summer, and it looks like they’ve got me hooked for fall, too. You guys popped OFF when I first introduced you to Floss Gloss earlier this year, so I figured we’d revisit them quickly. Colors aside, their formula is easily one of the best in the business. And don’t even get me started on the colors.

Wait, actually do.

This fall, Floss Gloss essentially performs the funeral for every other nail polish brand in existence with their four new babies.


The new bad girl nude. A nude with a little pink and a lot of dinginess. "The color of old Capezios."

The color of old Capezios. I honestly stopped breathing when I first read that description.

I’m wearing it night now and just living for it. In fact, my DINGE nails are kind of speckled with black, as I was doing construction (“construction,” using that phrase as loosely as possible here) on a bar this weekend and got a little paint on them. I think it adds to the effect though.


A steely grey/blue, the color of faded tattoo ink (CAN YOU EVEN?!)


The frostiest blue. The nail equivalent of having iced out wrists, think Nelly circa 2001.

And finally, BLACK HOLY.

A creamy, blackest black for the heavy metal lover in us all. An essential for every nail collection.

So it’s easy to see why I so passionately love Floss Gloss.

Oh, AND. Floss Gloss has an upcoming collaboration with Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia! Call me when you find a collaboration better than that.

And finally, something to make our skin look a little better.

Fall is weird. I don’t know about you, but if I’m not careful, every single imperfection on my face is 10 times more noticeable in the fall and winter months. This is because of many things: less moisture in the air so my skin dries out quicker, all of that white from the overcast skies light making my face look even more haggard than usual, and so on. I don’t need any assistance looking rough, thanks. So on top of my ever-growing skincare regime, I’ve found something that is doing me some good.

L’oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur is a weirdo new addition to my skincare regime and I like it a lot.

It’s essentially a primer, intended for minimizing the appearance of pores, blurring fine lines, and dulling the appearance of dark spots. It’s very thick, coming out of the tube almost…solid, but it’s feather light, rubbing into the face with almost the consistency of a powder. How mysterious! Wear it over your serums and moisturizers, so your skin can still get all of the nutrients and moisture that it needs, but under makeup, because it smoothes and perfects the surface of your skin, allowing makeup to take to your face better.

Even if you wear it without applying makeup over it, or completely by itself, it effectively dulls anything that you might otherwise try to cover up. And it’s SPF 30, so it’s good protection for moderate exposure to sunlight.

What new products are you all about right now?? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll try them out! What's on your nails this fall? Done any construction lately? Me either.

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