Plus, how the supermodel stays so skinny! And why she smells good up close.
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October 21, 2011
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SO. Last night I went to this spot Beauty & Essex on the Lower East Side, which is a lovely and trendy place to go. It’s like a jewelry store in the front, and then there’s a secret door that, speak-easy style, swings open into a double-decker nightclub.

This is where I went for Avon’s launch of their very pretty new fragrance Step Into Sexy:

Which I have right in front of me. According to press, it features notes of blackberry, freesia, violet leaf, rosewood, violet, butterfly orchid, cashmeran, sueded orris root and amber. (What is butterfly orchid? Ooooh.) It was inspired by stepping into stiletto heels -- I guess, by the essence of a personal "I feel sexy" moment that you'd have at home, putting on your sauciest shoes. OK!

Now on to Christy. She is extraordinarily tall and super-super thin: duh. Also, every model is 50 times skinnier in real life. She has long lean muscles, though she is not overtly muscular. Her skin is olive, so it looks very tan even though I’m not sure she had a tan. Her face glows and is incredibly symmetrical. She smiles all the time, and is super patient and lovely.

Like a lot of the big models who are now celebrities who have led very private non-modeling lives and aren’t quite used to giving interviews, she’s sort of shy -- and very, very sweet. I was supposed to ask my same 5 questions I always ask, and I totally blanked! So I got through two of them and made up the last three. (I can’t believe I didn’t find an excuse to bring up the Fashion Café).

What’s the most played song on your iPod?

I don’t have an ipod. People give them to me sometimes, but I don’t…I don’t know. I don’t have one!

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

(big laugh) Umm…No comment.

What’s the grossest thing in your purse?

Oh, um… [She had to think about this one, meaning Christy Turlington does not have gross purses.] Probably, like, gum. Little chewed up wads of gum in paper.

[At this point in the interview, I forgot the other two questions, which are 4) What pills do you take every day? and 5) What’s the closest you’ve ever been to being arrested? So I just made stuff up.]

When’s the last time you exercised?

This morning. I ran five miles on the West Side Highway. [Christy is prepping to run the marathon!]

Who are your close friends that are models? I mean, do you still hang out with anyone from that … circle? [Lame, Cat.]

Um… We’re all still friends; I don’t know about close friends. Everyone lives in different cities, so we don’t see each other often. But, you know…I had lunch with Cindy Crawford a few months ago?

You’re the face of this new Avon fragrance. Can you give me a beauty secret?

My number one beauty secret is yoga – not some product or procedure. It’s why I can get up and feel good every day; it’s why I have confidence to be doing things. It’s not just that it makes me look good, but it does. It informs my entire life.

That’s why Russell Simmons is so glowy! Yoga. It makes skin look amazing!

Running, too! All the sweat – you flush toxins out of your skin when you exercise and sweat.

And there you have it! I love beautiful celebrities. Which of the supermodels is your favorite? And did yoga change your looks? And have you bought a fall fragrance yet? Discuss all these things with me.