READERZ PLZ PLAY BEAUTY EDITORZ!: Dude, What Shape Am I Supposed To Say I Want My Nails?

Seriously, you guys. I never, ever know the answer to this. Help me!
Publish date:
June 17, 2011
nail polish, manicures, pedicures, readerz plz play beauty editorz!

I need help (again).

SOOO, maybe I should know this, being your beauty editor and all, and maybe someone unfailingly beauty-chic like Hannah would know the answer. But there are only so many beauty stories I can force on poor dear Hannah because I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about and am too lazy to make it up, and this is where you, readers, come in: Can you play beauty editor for a second? Because I can’t have all the answers all of the time! I just can’t.

Okay, NAILS: I’m talking manicures and pedicures. Yo, I am not THAT big of a manicure person and I DEFINITELY get less pedicures than is considered attractive by I imagine 100% of the general population. So I’m not very well-versed at the nail salons (my current favorite: E-NAIL in downtown Manhattan, which is so ghetto that you have to bring your own magazines).

My question is this: When the manicurist lady asks me what shape I want my nails, what is the chicest thing to tell them? My second question is, is that a really dumb question because there is no “chic” shape to have nails? My third question is, is it really wrong to be so shallow about what beauty looks are chic when that’s my job? My fourth question is, am I relentlessly annoying?

Also, can I just say that all this new stuff from Sally Hansen keeps coming into the office and it is SICK? Good-sick. Everyone in the office uses their stuff; today Emily was applying their Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen in White and it looks really attractive; look:

And above, in the top photo, are these cool new Sally Hansen nail files (orange: Handle Me With Care; blue: Everyday Strength) that come with little instructions on how to do four shapes: OVAL, SQUARE, ROUND and SQUOVAL (into it!). Which are actually inspiring me to do my nails at home for once, which is amazing because we all know I am a mess. BUT – which one of these shapes is the chic one? And is it the same for fingers and toes? Discuss!