UNEXPECTEDLY KILLER-GORGEOUS: Sally Hansen Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm

Plumper + shimmer + drugstore = not always a winning combination, but look how pretty this is! Plus: why my skin is glowy.

Sometimes when I can't think of a good idea for a groundbreaking (HA HA HA) beauty story for all of you, I sit around going through the bags of products I keep at home and at the office, trying on makeup and seeing what looks good.

That's why at the end of the day, sometimes, I look disgusting, and I've learned things like: There is such thing as being way too glowy, in the manner of some particularly blinding moonbeam. Or, just because you think old-school groupies like Sable Starr are to-die-for chic doesn't mean you should go sticking those glamorous little Make Up For Ever Star Glitters all over YOUR face. Or, what it's like to get a tiny glamorous little star in your eye. Or, you shouldn't be an ADHD beauty editor with an iPhone who is too lazy to use makeup brushes, because by the end of one restless business day you will gunk up the touchscreen so much with your cosmetics-messy fingers that it will look like some pedo took it out back into MakeupAlley and masturbated, quite frankly, all over it.


Anyway, I write both from home and from the office; today, clearly, I am at home, and that's my creepy Bambi poster and I've taken this photo on my computer Photo Booth because I don't have roommates or a boyfriend and I'm always alone in my apartment and blah blah blah that's your Cat Marnell recap/introduction, if you're just joining us here on xoJane.com. (And if so, welcome! Hi; I'm crazy.)

So I used this tube of Sally Hansen Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm:

....and I applied a big messy GOB of it per usual rather messily to myself and then fixed it lazily not in a mirror, but in my Photo Booth program screen on my computer, and then I snapped the photo above. You guys, I sort of love the gloss. It's really pink; it's really girly. It's very Tinsley Mortimer. And even though I'm wearing a girly old American Apparel dress in this picture that makes me LOOK sort of pinky-pink gloss loving, trust me, I am not.

BUT. This one I am loving. Again, I applied it messily and lazily (always my stee) and it's a little wild around the mouth because I didn't realize how pigmented it was -- it squeezes from the tube essentially clear-seeming onto dark applicator bristles, then you brush it on. I think it kind of adapts to your lip color, like enhances the one you have and just makes it ... pink-er! Pinkier?! Yeah, those aren't words.

As for the plumping, I guess my mouth does look rather, uh, voluptuous; I am a small-lipped person though I aspire to tons of lip injections as soon as I can find that magic dermatologist (who's willing to comp me) (and let me be filmed getting them for this very website) (no, seriously; dermatologists/publicists can email me at cat@janepratt.com).

Anyhow, I love this product. It's inexpensive and lovely and easy. If you like pink lips, buy it.

Also: My skin is looking good lately, and I know I've been bragging a little about that, but only because for YEARS AND YEARS I had acne and sallow skin. I'm using two new (to me) products now in addition to my beloved Proactiv that I think are making all the difference. Will write about them tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Do you like this color gloss? What are your thoughts on plumping lip products in general? You probably know more about them than me; I'm such a red lipstick person. And what brands of drugstore gloss should I be trying?

P.S. One of the products I'm using on my skin fits into the category of the Next Big Thing in skincare ... guesses?