DON'T PIN A ROSE ON YOUR NOSE: Buy These Flowery Beauty Products Instead

Instead of caring about actual flowers this Valentine's Day, I'm all about beauty products inspired by gorgeous, fragrant roses.

A Valentine's Day beauty post, womp womp. I know, I know. I'm not here to write about how to get "kissable lips" or "touchable hair" or even "romantically sweet breath" (I think you know how to brush your teeth already, I mean,



Seriously, for weeks I have getting PR e-mails suggesting I write about this stuff and I have been refusing because that's just not how I roll.

I'd rather focus on treating MYSELF, pampering MYSELF, indulging MYSELF. Because to me, that is what beauty is all about. Not looking or smelling nice for someone else, but for me.

I'm not going to turn this into some weirdo rant right now though. Instead, I'm going to talk about roses.

I'm addicted to rosy beauty products. If something has rose in it, I'll probably buy it, or at least want it. Despite the fact that my dad once told me only old ladies wear rose-scented perfume (you are wrong,


). Because like I already said, beauty is about making myself happy and if I want to smell like a gigantic English rose garden, I WILL.

So here we go, a collection of my personal favourite, best-of-the-best, rosy beauty products. (Or maybe this post was just an excuse to share


. You decide.)

1. Lush's Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb


Lush has a ton of great products

exclusively for Valentine's Day

(and a ton of products that prominently feature rose, too), but my personal favourite of the "romantical" products is their year-round

Tisty Tosty

bath bomb. Even though it's shaped like a heart (aww), I use it year-round because I love myself (aww). It's full of tiny little rosebuds and apparently is based on some sort of witchy spell that will bring love to you if you bathe in it. For me I just like floating in a flowery-scented tub full of rosebuds and pretending I'm Ophelia. Except not ... dead.

2. Demeter's Bulgarian Rose Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray


I love Demeter and their "singular scents" because sometimes you just want to smell like one specific thing, clean and simple. Bulgarian Rose is great because it smells, straight-up, like a fresh picked rose. You can practically smell the dew on it. It's crisp and rosy and perfect and I love this perfume because it is


(inexpensive, not poor quality) too, even though apparently rose oil is the most expensive oil to harvest (more expensive than gold!) So it's


, also. Just like you and I, xoJaners!

3. Stella McCartney's Stella Eau de Parfum Roll-On


If you're into a rose scent that's a little more complex, this is your best bet. I've been wearing this stuff on and off for years (it's technically my sister's "signature scent" but she's always borrowing my perfumes so she can just deal), and I still love it. It's got a hint of amber (another favourite note of mine), plus peony and mandarin so it's nice and well-rounded without being too heady if you're nervous about the whole overwhelming femininity of rose on its own. I also love this roll-on size because it fits even in the tiniest purse and I like the concentration of a roll-on better than the fade-iness of a spray.

4. Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner


I'm a sucker for packaging and the old-timey, apothecary look of the label on the bottle of Thayers gets me every time. The glamorous Victorian lady with her head full of luxurious curls! I want to be her! Maybe I can if I keep using this! Even if I can't, this stuff smells amazing and leaves your skin soft and toned without stripping it of moisture thanks to aloe leaf juice and vitamin E. And the bottle will last you a really long time, too.

5. Smith's Rosebud Salve


Everyone owns a tube or a tin of this stuff, right? Do I even need to explain? It's a wonder-balm: It softens your lips, it moisturize your nasty, winter-chapped cuticles, you can use it on a cranky baby's rashed-out bum or just to straighten out crazed-looking brows. Use it on your cheekbones for a just-worked-out glowy sheen. I've had the same tin since 2005 and I'm not even ashamed of how gross that is.

6. Dior Garden Clutch Make-Up Palette in Granville Garden


Pardon my French, but


, I


this palette. Remember how I said I'm a sucker for packaging? This rose garden inspired puppy takes the super-


cake (pardon me,


). I actually want to cry a little bit over this, that's how much I am madly in love with it. This dreamy lil' clutch (with a cute shiny clasp made out of silver roses, ahhh!) is filled with three eyeshadows (two neutral, one pretty seafoam green perfect for Spring) and two fresh, pale peachy glosses as well as a fance-pants dual-ended Dior applicator. I need it. Someone buy this for me for my half-birthday or I will record a video of me crying and tweet it* (

*No I won't, but still.


And for slightly less there are

two gorgeous 5-colour limited edition spring palettes

embossed with roses available for $59 each. Dior shadows are worth the splurge guys, trust me. And wait,


(for $23).

All I need is a basket full of these gorgeous products and a few new sundresses and


, I'm ready for Spring.

Anyway, midway through writing this I locked myself out of the apartment while taking out the trash and had to walk five blocks two ways (in -2 degrees


weather, I'm Canadian, hi) in my pajamas to the restaurant where my roommate works to borrow her keys. (Thankfully I was wearing a bra and actually changed out of my slippers and into shoes.) So ... I think I deserve a rose-product-filled bath before I get hypothermia or something.

Tell me your favourite flowery products or, if the smell of roses makes you gag, tell me your plans for Valentine's Day

. I'd tell you mine but I am genuinely afraid of stalkers.

I can be found twittin' and tweetin' @hannahejo