THE OBSESSION GOES ON: Rogue By Rihanna Is The Only Celebrity Fragrance You Need To Try This Year

Rogue is not just another celebrity fragrance.
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October 15, 2013
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2:38 am, somewhere in the Pacific Palisades, California.

The room is dark. The strobe lights have died. Thumping beats of another one of her now countless number one singles fades in the distance. A cloud of smoke clears. Rihanna, sitting atop her throne of hundred dollar bills, vintage Chanel jewelry, and discarded wigs, holds out her iPhone and snaps another one of her infamous and yet somehow impossibly glamorous Instagram selfies. She squints, inspecting the shot behind her perfectly lined cat eyes and false lashes. Good, she thinks.

“Rogue by Rihanna” she types as the caption, “in stores now! #PhuckYoPhragrance”

I’m surprised you even opened this article, because I can feel you rolling your eyes through the computer screen. Celebrity fragrances are, to some, the bane of the beauty industry. And I get it, I do.

But to others, they’re fun! They’re an extension of their favorite artist and the entertainment industry in general, and that’s cute. It’s another way to own a piece of your favorite artist or celebrity. Some people like that.

Personally, I can’t help but love them because I am obsessed with everything “pop” and also will buy anything I am told to. The bottles! The ad campaigns! The fragrances! It’s all so exciting.

One time, I said that celebrity fragrances are nothing more than “glorified body sprays” which I still think is genius, so, go me. But SOMETIMES you come across ones that can actually stand their ground on the fragrance counters.

“Rogue” by Rihanna is the only celebrity fragrance that you need to make sure you smell this year.

You’re probably thinking that I’m only writing this article because of my casual obsession with Rihanna. You’re wrong. I smelled the fragrance because of my obsession. I’m writing about it because it’s good.

Rogue is, because I know we’re all keeping track, Rihanna’s fourth fragrance. Her first three were all fruity, flirty, and very girly, everything you’d come to expect from a scent coming from one of the world’s biggest pop stars, made to be sold to the masses.

Rogue is a welcome departure from its predecessors. The scent, much like Rihanna’s career and image in the past year, is darker, sensual, and more mature than her previous scents.

Rogue opens with a sophisticated blend of lemon blossom, cyclamen, bergamot and pink peppercorn. At its heart, it has jasmine, rose, suede, and plum, which prove to be a wicked combination. At the base, it has about every note you’ve come know and love that provide a warm anchor to your favorite fragrances, including wood, amber, patchouli, musk, and vanilla.


The best way I can describe Rogue is that it has the boldness and assertiveness of a men’s cologne while still serving up the femininity and sensuality you love about a great perfume. If you're a woman that likes to rock men's scents from time to time, and I know some you are, promise me you'll try Rogue. K?

There is nothing sweet about Rogue, which is a nice change from almost every other celeb fragrance out there right now, and even many scents that the bigger fragrance houses are releasing right now. The middle notes are really what tie the fragrance together. I’m a guy that hates florals, rose especially, but the rose and jasmine play nicely with the plum, without being overshadowed by its fruitiness. The suede nicely balances out the fresh greens at the top of the scent. The base notes (all those base notes) ensure that this fragrance will wear nicely all day.

If I had to compare it to anything out there right now, I’d say it’s “Coco Noir” by Chanel’s little sister.

Even the bottle leaves behind the previous soft, feminine shape for a strong, rectangular shape, with spikes at the bottom!

Rihanna completely Rih-vamped her approach to fragrances with the Rih-lease of Rogue. Rogue is not just another celebrity fragrance. This is, in my opinion, one of my top women’s fragrances of 2013. Yes, I did, yes, I did!

Were any of you able to grab the "Talk That Talk" lipstick from her MAC line?

I wasn't, because it sold right the eff out. But I LOVE that color. I'm loving a really dark lip for fall. Groundbreaking, I know. Look at her pulling it off FLAWLESSLY in this picture from her Instagram. YAAAS RIH-SUS!

Have you smelled Rogue? You're going to now, right? Right. What's your favorite celebrity fragrance? What's your favorite dark lip? Favorite Rihanna song/album/moment? Talk That Talk to me in the comments.

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