I've Been Waiting Since February To Try Rodarte's Dramatic Fall Makeup Look

First, I had a Nordstrom beauty stylist do it for me with NARS products, and then I tried it on my own with stuff I already had.
Publish date:
October 24, 2014
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I’m a pretty much a pro when it comes to basic makeup skills. I’ve learned by trial and error to master a smoky eye, the “no makeup” makeup look, and a gorgeous bold lip that doesn’t bleed everywhere. But when it comes to recreating runway looks and all that jazz, it’s a struggle. There are often way too many products used and way too many steps, so I just don’t even try to go there.

I've been obsessing over the look that James Kaliardos for NARS created for the Rodarte AW14 runway show for months, but after looking over the list, I realized I was SOL and had exactly zero of the products that were used.

I then remembered hearing about the Nordstrom beauty stylist program where you can sit down with someone and chat beauty problems, go over makeup looks, test out new products, etc. And they carry NARS -- a huge plus. It’s kind of like having a free makeup artist/beauty therapist at your fingertips.

So I booked an appointment with Nicole Wilson at Nordstrom City Creek in Salt Lake City, which is, like, five minutes from my house -- way too convenient. Maybe I could just walk over every morning to have my makeup done? Just kidding, Nicole, just kidding. (Maybe.)

She decided to tone down the eyeshadow and make it more of a wearable, everyday kind of look. She even made a fun beauty face chart, which always makes me feel excited.

Overall, I ended up loving the look. I think it works well with my skin tone and hair color right now. The lip turned out more berry-brown than what the models were actually wearing, but that's because we didn't mimic the metallic shine; she ended up doing more of an ombre lip.

Out of everything, the lip color was my favorite. I've been dying to try out brown for fall, but wasn't so sure about it. And brown usually isn’t a lip color that I jump up and down about.

NARS products used:

Let me rewind back to the part where you are not obligated or expected to buy anything, which is a sigh of relief after adding up the list above. I, however, purchased the Radiant Creamy Concealer and the Dolomites Duo. How could I leave without buying a concealer that covers up my horrendous grocery-bag under-eye circles? And who can resist NARS eyeshadow duos? They’re like Happy Meal toys and I want to collect them all.

Anyways, I decided to dig through my deep, dark abyss of a makeup bin to find some similar products and colors. Here's how it turned out when I pretended to be the makeup artist:

I prepped my face with BeautyCounter Every Day AM Moisturizing Cream, as it melts right into the skin and is super hydrating -- and this look is all about healthy skin. I then applied Laura Mercier Flawless Fluid all over my face to get a bit of coverage while keeping it somewhat natural. And added some Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion to the apples of my cheeks for a subtle glow.

For the eyes, I kept it pretty simple and dusted NYX Cosmetics Baked Eye shadow in Shira all over the lids with an eyeshadow brush, and also lined my eyelids with the shadow using my favorite eyeliner brush from Soho Beauty. (Using a liner brush is my go-to for thicker lines.) And then I topped off the eyes with some Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow.

I was determined to get some kind of metallic shimmer effect on my lips, as this was my favorite part of the look to begin with, so I added a pretty thick layer of Revlon's new Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Smoky Quartz, and then added some Manna Kadar Sheer Glow to the middle of my lips.

As you can see, the lips didn't turn out as metallic as the runway look, but gave it a similar effect. I'm also proud of myself for pseudo-mastering this runway look without ending up looking like a clown. I usually stick to my minimal makeup look with a bold lip, but I am really digging this for fall.

Are there any makeup looks from last February's fall runway shows that you've been wanting to try?