“RIRI LOVES MAC” (TYNAN LOVES RIRI): Rihanna’s new collection for MAC Cosmetics

Have I mentioned that I kind of like Rihanna? Have I ever casually name-dropped her in an article before?
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February 21, 2013
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Yesterday, what is sure to be one of the biggest beauty announcements of 2013 was made and everything in your makeup bag is now irrelevant. We can seriously just go ahead and delete every beauty article on xoJane ever written because none of that matters anymore. Ladies and gentlemen but mostly ladies, MAC Cosmetics has just announced their collaboration with Rihanna, “RiRi Hearts MAC.”

Have I mentioned that I kind of like Rihanna? Have I ever casually name-dropped her in an article before?

To recap: Rih-sus Christ is a flawless deity walking among us peasants, bestowing upon us, with her holy light, one chart-topping album per year and otherwise acting as a shining beacon of light and hope among famine, plague and sub-par top 40 radio.

Now we’re all up to speed.

I love a collaboration, don’t you? Whether in music, fashion or beauty, I’m always so thrilled to see what both parties will bring to the table. Needless to say, MAC and Rihanna shut. it. down. But wait, this isn’t another typical one-off collaboration like MAC usually does, with just one face attached to one product for one season. No, Rihanna deserves more than that. This is a long-term relationship (YES!) that will consist of four, count ‘em, FOUR, collections! They’ve even named Rihanna a “creative partner” instead of a “collaborator” as they usually would. That Rihanna reign just wont let up.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is the one promo image that MAC has released (pay close attention to the lipstick).

Cute to death! The line will be centered around the new shade of lipstick exclusively for RiRi Hearts MAC called “RiRi Woo”, a deep cranberry/oxblood with blue undertones that is sure to blow UP this fall. The color was inspired by Rih’s favorite MAC shade, Ruby Woo, because she wanted a great red that worked on every skin tone (notably, the same motivation was used to create Lady Gaga’s “Viva Glam 2” shade of nude lipstick in 2011, also for MAC.)

The lipstick will debut as Rihanna’s Diamonds world tour ends its US leg at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on May 4th and 5th and be sold in all four collections throughout the year. There will even be a pop-up shop at the May 4th show to showcase the line. MAC will then release a summer collection online, a fall collection in stores, and an on-counter holiday collection.

Rihanna had a heavy hand in creating the line, from the shades and texture of the makeup itself, to the packaging, and every detail in between.

Oh, hold on. That packaging? I am simultaneously living for and DYING OVER that rose gold packaging. #PHRESH There is no better accessory than rose gold for fall (a conclusion I came to this very second) so Rih has got us on lock.

My favorite thing about the collection is that it is not for the faint of heart. This is truly a line for the beauty enthusiast. The summer collection will include two additional lipsticks, a new shade of Lustre Drops liquid bronzer, and a blush duo. Fall will include four lipsticks (!), a Lipglass version of RiRi Woo, two multi-shade eye shadow palettes, and false eyelashes! FALSIES!!!

All those pop girls stack their false lashes on two at a time, and you should too! The holiday line will have many items perfect for stocking stuffers (and by “stocking stuffers” I mean “buying for yourself”) including NAIL POLISH!!! I am already counting down the days.

And it’s about damn time that Our Lady of Barbados bless us by trying her hand at makeup. She’s done everything else! From music to film, even her first clothing line debut this week! (And, tangent, CAN I JUST SAY that I am surprised and appalled that all of the critics gave her line such harsh reviews? It’s not a damn secret that EVERYONE has always revered her as a fashion icon (that GRAMMY MOMENT anyone?] Even before Gaga brought her circus to town, Rihanna was the girl to watch for what was hot. Her line is exactly what she always wears! What were they expecting? Ball gowns? Ugh, the haters are out this week.

But you will find no haters in the comment section SO. TELL ME, how excited are you for Rihanna’s line? Are you stoked that they’re doing four whole collections instead of just one product? What celebrity would you like to see do a makeup collabo? My answer is Rihanna.

OH AND. I may or may not have talked to Rihanna’s personal manicurist for an upcoming article. YOU KNOW, JUST A DAY IN THE LIFE. NO BIG DEAL.

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