5 Reasons To Buy Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter In EVERY Conceivable Shade

If you haven't tried these lip butters yet, you are totally missing out.
Publish date:
August 10, 2012
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I found out about Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters through the beauty vlogosphere. Somewhere near the end of last year, it seemed like every beauty guru and their mother was squeaking about these little tubes of happiness.

I was struck by tragedy, though, when I realized that they weren't available all over the USA straight away. California seemed to get them first, and then they were slowly drizzled into stores from west to east. In my frenzied state, I would stop into EVERY drugstore I passed, just to check… and I was disappointed every time. I started relentlessly tweeting about it, hoping that someone would come to my rescue and let me know where I could buy one -- just one! -- in New York City.

Eventually, a friend in Nevada who was clearly sick of my caterwauling saved the day by buying me a fistful of colors and sending them to my house. What a babe! Now I was free to butter my lips with gay abandon.

Oh, and believe me... I have.

If you haven't tried these lip butters yet, you are totally missing out. Here is why.

1. They sit somewhere on the spectrum between tinted lip balm and lipstick, which is fabulous. Sometimes lipstick just feels like too much, especially for me. They are GREAT for anyone who is commitment-phobic, but who still desires some color and a little drama on their lips. If you don't want super-saturated color, just put on one coat. If you want it bright, slap on a whole lot.

2. There are TWENTY SHADES… Of grey. Just kidding! Who wants to wear grey lip butter?! No, no. There are 20 shades of lip butters, ranging from nude to peach to pink to red to a deep berry, giving you plenty of options. My favorite colors are Peach Parfait (it's like your lips BUT BETTER), Lollipop (a crazy bright magenta) and Strawberry Shortcake (the perfect pink).

Some of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters are more on the tinted lip balm side, while others have more color pay off. Annoyingly, you can't really test this in a store, but the good news is that plenty of excitable YouTube beauty gurus have done it for you!

3. They're super-hydrating with a really nice, light finish. They're not sticky or tacky, they won't dry your lips, & the color won't disappear in three seconds. The formula is amazing, containing mango, shea and coconut butter. Revlon says they boost lip moisture by 156%. Not 155, mind you, 156. I'll take it!

4. They are completely unscented and unflavored, which is fantastic for people who are picky about that kind of thing.

5. They are about $7 and you can buy them EVERYWHERE, from Target to Walgreens to Duane Reade. Additionally, they've been scored 4.1 on Makeup Alley, which is almost unheard of. (I take my make-up scoring very seriously.)

Ok. I've said my piece. Go out there & butter up!