I'LL TRY ANYTHING ONCE (And Maybe Several More Times): Restylane

My newly enhanced lip looks almost the same as before, but I feel sexy as hell.
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November 14, 2011
Impromptu Lip Injections, Pouting, Prune, restylane, Sexy Lips

My favorite brand of xoJane gossip session is the kind where someone reveals which surgeon sculpted so and so's perfect nose or the secret spot the stars are having their fillers injected. So when Cat called on me last week for a certain beauty experiment, I was more than happy to fill in. Literally.

I'm talking about Restylane, the synthetic filler that plumps up fine lines and volumizes lips. It's safe and semi-permanent and totally enticing to me. I live for subtle physical improvements.

Naturally, I went to see Cat's ultra-glam derm, Dr. Dennis Gross, at his posh Park Avenue office, but when I got there I started questioning. Was there any point in shooting up? The fine lines I have are a better match for microdermabrasion, and my lips are already full. Of all the spots on my body that could use extra volume, my face is sort of last on the list.

As I listened to Dr. Gross explain my options, I watched in the mirror as he lifted my upper lip with a Q-tip. Sure, my mouth was okay, but it could be better. It could be my thing. I thought about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kerry Washington -- girls whose lips are permanently pursed as if mid-"prune." I needed those lips.

Dr. Gross assured me he'd avoid creating rubbery, immobile Real Housewives lips by keeping my injections conservative. Just a few well-placed pricks in the center of my upper lip for some lift and that would be it. Easy right? It was virtually painless and over in less than three minutes. Seriously, the pain was on par with getting a vaccine or having blood drawn. Since I had so little injected, the results should last for four months, but many Restylane users can expect theirs to last for six to eight.

While my lip went mostly unnoticed among friends, I feel the sort of temporary high that comes with buying a status-y new pair of shoes or getting a fresh haircut. And similarly, I want more. But not in a crisis-y Heidi Montag way! I only go for subtle physical enhancements, remember?

Now I want to hear how much you love/hate/disapprove of fillers and other cosmetic fun in the comments. Oh, and can you tell the difference? They're pretty swollen in the after pic so it's kind of not fair, but don't I look Hollywood?