Real Life Beauty Tip -- The Librarian Chignon

This hairstyle is is both chic and practical.
Publish date:
May 26, 2011
hair, beauty tips

The earliest memory I have of using the chignon trick was when I was 17 and working as a legal secretary. I grew up in a small town and worked for a lawyer who was about 86 years old. His methods for running the office were very old school -- I was working on a computer with Windows 95 that he did not know how to turn on. Therefore, there was a lot of typewriter work and note-taking. He was gobsmacked to hear that I had graduated high school without completing a course in stenography. It was old-school.

To keep from losing my writing utensils, I started tucking them behind the elastic band that was securing my chignon. The pen stayed put all day and I did not have to worry about having something to write with.

I still use this trick today when I am at work, in class or studying. Some things that are annoying about this look are when I forget I have a pen in my hair and leave it in when I go home, when I have too many in my hair and someone says the back of my head looks like a pin cushion or if my chignon is too loose and the pen falls out. The best part, of course, are all the compliments I get.

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