Quick, Cheap, Amazing: Eyebrow Tinting

I could probably write an epic poem about my eyebrows if anyone asked me to, sorry...
Publish date:
July 30, 2013

Something so simple, so quick and cheap – so why hadn’t I done it before? Laziness, I suppose, and fear – what if I came out looking like a total freak? With terrifying cartoony commas above my eyes?

I’m talking about having my eyebrows tinted. This was the final act in my years-long struggle to boost my feeble, over plucked (curse you, the ‘90s) brows, which has seen me trying pencils, powders and goodness knows what else to fill them in. Eventually there was nothing left to try, apart from tattooing I suppose and quite frankly that was never gonna happen.

So I booked into my local salon, City Beach in Spitalfields for an eyebrow tint, out of sheer curiosity. I’d given myself some escape routes – an extra-long fringe that needed trimming to hide the damage, if there was any, and a week’s holiday where I wouldn’t be seeing anyone I knew except for my beloved.

I’m not normally such a coward when it comes to beauty treatments and their results – I’ll happily walk around looking like a piebald pony covered in multiple brands of self-tanner at the same time, or have a skin-flaying facial right before a fancy party, but my eyebrows are... different, precious, sacred even.

Anyway. I wanted to have my eyebrows tinted because on holiday it’s nice to wear as little make-up as possible – bare face, just a bit of mascara and tinted lip balm for evenings. So instead of having to pencil in my eyebrows every day so I didn’t look like an egg while lounging by the pool, I thought I’d get them done for me.

And guess what? It worked! I lied down on the bed, my therapist painted on the dye with delicate little brush strokes (I’d been in earlier in the week for a patch test on my arm which added to the piebald pony effect) and she left the dye for about 5 minutes, then wiped it off. And that was it!

In fifteen minutes tops all the little blonde eyebrow hairs that had been lurking invisibly were forced to pull their weight – dying them to match my dark hair gave my eyebrows an immediate boost – they are thicker and fuller and look totally natural – much more so than when I pencil them in, because with the best will in the world, a pencil can never replicate natural hair colour precisely and even if you’re really good at doing super-fine lines, it can still look a bit blocky.

I honestly couldn’t believe that such a simple, cheap treatment (it cost £12) could have such an impact. This is on the same level as having my teeth whitened, but approximately eighty times cheaper! The dye has faded now – the therapist told me it would happen because of being out in the sun and swimming, so I’m definitely going to go back for a boost soon.

I feel like I finally have ‘my’ eyebrows back – the ones I foolishly and recklessly plucked away back in 1995. And that’s what I think beauty treatments and products should do for you: not transform you into someone else – that never looks convincing – but help you feel more like yourself.

Is there a treatment you’ve never tried that you’re curious about? Or one that always makes you feel more like you? Share!