"Julie, Help! I'm Having Some Serious Grease Problems"

"Greasy Italian people are no myth, and I am definitely one of them."
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July 20, 2012
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I am having some serious Italian problems. Greasy Italian people are no myth, and I am definitely one of them. My grandmother says it's a good thing and my skin will age better because there is so much oil but I'm not buying it right now. I need help! I need a good recommendation for a face wash and something to put on my face with some SPF. I would say a lotion but my face doesn't need any more moisture on it. Also do you have any greasy hair shampoos to recommend? I can't seem to find one that will wash all the oils in my hair. Or maybe I should try some dry shampoo? You're the expert so please tell me what you think! I love you and I hope you can help!!

Fighting with grease.

Your grandmother speaks the truth. Enjoy that youth grease! I have a shine problem too, especially during the summer, and I know how annoying it can be to leave home in the morning looking dewy only to find you've entered greaseball territory by noon.

I've tried dozens of SPF fluids over the years and even many of the oil-free ones fail to live up to the claim. Shiseido Urban Environment Protector is a favorite that I keep on deck as well as something new introduced to me by Dr. Anne Chapas of Union Square Laser Dermatology who looks no older than 24. And not in that puffy, allergic way that so many male derms tend to adopt. Anyway, it's called Elta MD and it's perfect for acne-prone skin that can't stand most sunscreens.

If you're applying makeup after, I recommend sticking to oil free products. Then when you're all finished, dust your face with Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder using a big fluffy brush. For those with truly oily skin, translucent powder makes all the difference. Don't be afraid of looking overly made up or severe; this stuff isn't like other pressed powders. It's ultra fine and completely invisible upon application. Instead of dusting on more throughout the day, I carry around some blotting paper to sop up the rogue shine that inevitably manifests around my nose and between my brows. It's disgusting, I know. You can use almost any brand for this, even rolling papers will do.

Now hair. Are you being too heavy-handed with conditioner? Have you thought about skipping conditioner all together? Uh huh, it's not obligatory the way that hair care companies have lead you to believe. If your ends are dry, you could apply conditioner every other wash. Whatever you do, make sure you don't condition your roots. Dry shampoo helps keep hair looking matte, too. Blondes have it pretty easy and can go with the cheap stuff. Madeline even uses baby powder sometimes. I prefer Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray because it's glossy and expensive and it works.

Is that everything? What am I forgetting here? Greasy people weigh in!

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