Pretty in the Past: Diane Keaton

My mum always says she wants to look like Diane Keaton when she grows up (for a while she switched to Isabella Rossellini but after watching Baby Boom again her loyalties returned to Diane.)
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July 26, 2012
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Diane in Baby Boom in 1987 - smiley eyes and jazzy '80s style

Obviously she was ravishing in all of Woody Allen’s films, from Annie Hall and Manhattan to Play It Again, Sam and Sleeper and she inspired women to follow her kooky androgynous style (men’s ties, Oxford bags, felt hats). Long before vintage was a 'thing', Diane was playing dress up in second hand clothes and looking super cool.

But the thing I love most about Diane is how she looks beautiful at every age, through dubious fashion decades (ie. the ‘80s) simply because she’s always smiling and looks like a kind person.

While other stars (male and female) look like they’d have a massive tantrum if their hair, make-up and outfit weren’t absolutely perfect for the red carpet, in 1978 Diane cheerfully collected her Best Actress Oscar in a ragtag outfit that summed up her relaxed, unpretentious style – and she still looked radiant.

Some of the things Diane Keaton can pull off:

* Frizzy crimped hair with a really heavy fringe* A baggy man’s tuxedo on the red carpet * Not having a dazzling Hollywood-white smile, but normal-coloured teeth like regular people

In her warm, witty, self-deprecating autobiography, Then Again, she describes her battle with bulimia and failed relationship (the love of her life, Al Pacino, refused to get married), but ultimately she seems content with how her life's turned out, refusing to be regarded as some tragic old maid. Without wanting to be too sentimental, I think that inner beauty shows in her lovely face. Killer cheekbones help, obviously.

Picture Credit: Rex Features