Remember Prescriptives? They're Still Around and Their Best-Sellers are Still Awesome

I've found that a lot of people — including self-proclaimed beauty buffs and "former" fans of the brand — don't realize that Prescriptives is alive and well and selling virtually all of the products you used to love.
Publish date:
February 20, 2015
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When it comes to brands that shaped my interest in the beauty industry, Prescriptives hovers way at the top of the list.

Launched in 1979 (just like me!), they'd become known for their Custom Blend foundations long before my mom took me to their counter at Macy's as a teen for my first "really good base." (Where did the word base go?)

It was around that time that they'd begun earning lots of respect as not just a makeup company, but a skin care company, too, thanks to a growing collection of serums and moisturizers and whatnot.

Needless to say, I was really bummed out when, in September 2009, the folks at Estée Lauder Companies Inc. announced, "After a thorough analysis of the Prescriptives brand, management concluded that the brand's long-term business model is no longer viable given the current market environment," and that the brand would end global wholesale distribution by February 2010.

And I wasn't alone. When it was announced that Prescriptives would sell what was left of its inventory online, fans of the brand digitally stampeded and bought up multiples of their favorite products.

And then Prescriptives went quiet.

But something kind of amazing happened. Instead of going gently into that good night, Prescriptives was revived as an online-only brand in 2011, thanks to huge demand from loyal Prescriptives consumers who refused to take "replenishment of key products while inventory lasts" for an answer.

Despite this most triumphant triumph, I've found that a lot of people — including self-proclaimed beauty buffs and "former" fans of the brand — don't realize that Prescriptives is alive and well and selling virtually all of the products you used to love.

And honestly, I can't blame those people. In addition to that dramatic 2009 closing-shop announcement and the disappearance of Prescriptives counters from department stores, their famous fragrance, Calyx, was adopted by Clinique in 2013, leading some to believe that the brand had, in fact, folded and stayed folded.

Well, I'm here to set the record straight: Prescriptives is still with us and still selling a wide array of products, including some celebrated classics that you've been mourning for no reason. Reunite yourself with these best-sellers like some scene from that Omar Epps Resurrection show or something.

Super Line Preventor Xtreme

Introduced: 1985

Price: $84

Super Line Preventor Xtreme — or SLP, as fanatics call it — was the first skin care product from Prescriptives to make major waves. It's an anti-aging serum that relies on antioxidants, peptides and moisture-binding ingredients to help smooth and firm skin over time — basically a pre-moisturizer moisturizer.

It's been a favorite for 30 years because it can be used not just on the face, but the eye area, neck and hands, too, to help all that skin look younger.

Softlining Eye Pencil

Introduced: 1996

Price: $20

This is a classic, kuh-lass-ic, eyeliner. The creamy formula works just as well for precise lining as it does for a smoky eye, especially because of the little smudger on the end. (I love those things.)

The Jet shade is literally the only black eye pencil you need.

*Magic Liquid Powder

Introduced: 2000

Price: $42

From what I gather, there are two reasons this translucent loose powder is called "*Magic" (the asterisk is the accepted way to type out the star that appears on the jar): In addition to light-diffusing effects that basically blur your pores and lines like real-life Photoshop, it feels amazing, going on the skin like a cool, wet mist. It's weird and awesome.

Prescriptives says it enhances the effects of foundation, but you can totally wear it over bare skin and see a way-pretty difference.

Intensive Rebuilding Moisturizer

Introduced: 2004

Price: $88

I was 25 when this product launched, and at the time, I didn't need a heavy-duty age-halting moisturizer; now, however, I'm like, intensively rebuild me, Prescriptives!

Here's the deal: This cream helps make the most of your skin's naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, which contributes to moisture and firmness. Furthermore, it's got fancypants peptides that stimulate collagen.

It's on the expensive side, but the good news is, you only need to use a little to get its wrinkle-fighting effects (if fighting wrinkles is something you're into).

Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara

Introduced: 2006

Price: $23

There's a damn good reason why people love this mascara, and that's because it makes no sense. See, it's a ridiculously light formula, but it thickens lashes like crazy. You can basically keep on layering it without feeling like you're wearing a ton of inky goo on your eyes, and without looking clumpy. It's an enigma, wrapped inside an anomaly, wrapped inside a mascara tube.

What's your favorite old-school Prescriptives product? Do you still use it, or were you under the unfortunate impression that you would never see it again?