Please Can Someone Explain To Me The Point Of BB Creams?

BB cream is one of those products - along with styling wax, face serums and powder - that I simply don’t ‘get’. And that’s ok, isn’t it?
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August 14, 2013
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Lest you think I only ever gush about brands and products I love here (which, admittedly, I mostly do – I like to put positive vibes out there!) here’s a micro-rant on the subject of BB creams. I just don’t get them.

I mean, I get what they’re supposed to do – they’re meant to be these wonder products that somehow miraculously fulfil all your skincare needs, providing coverage (but not too much coverage), ‘luminosity’ (whatever that means) as well as anti-ageing benefits and I don’t know, solve world peace while they’re at it? They just make me look orange.

Seriously. Orange. Like no foundation, tinted moisturiser or face powder has ever managed before – in a BB cream, I appear to have been Tangoed. And this goes for their even newer, super-evolved cousins, CC creams too. The same will probably happen as the beauty industry unoriginally works its way through the alphabet, giving us DD, EE and all the way to ZZ Top creams too.

BB cream is one of those products - along with styling wax, face serums and powder - that I simply don’t ‘get’. And that’s ok, isn’t it? This is the thing with beauty – I see hundreds of new products each year, most of which have had thousands of pounds and years of research put into them, but not all of them work for me. And the same will be true for you. Just because something is heavily advertised in magazines, on TV, online and on the tube, it doesn’t actually mean you need it.

You choose what works for you – the products that suit your skin, hair and everyday needs, the ones that make you feel good about yourself, or that you simply derive pleasure from because of their beautiful packaging or scent. The rest, don’t worry about.

Once you’ve arrived at that conclusion, it’s really quite liberating – you can edit out all the stuff that doesn’t interest you, and focus on refining your beauty regime down to the simplest, most effective edit of useful products.

Which isn’t to say you should never experiment, step outside your comfort zone or try anything new – hey, only this week I explored the wonderful world of blue eyeliners! I’m just saying, don’t feel obliged to buy into every beauty phase and fad - and maybe that’s stating the bleedin’ obvious, but I still feel it needs to be said from time to time.

So I guess I’d really like to know two things from you all:

1. Have you found a wonderful BB (or CC) cream that I really must try because I give up on them entirely as a beauty, er, 'genre'?

2. Is there a particular product or technique (I don’t get ‘contouring’ either) that you can’t master, don’t get on with or just aren’t interested in?

Ok, GO!

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