Pharrell Gives Us the Best Unisex Fragrance of the Season with GIRL!

I never shut up about how, no matter what, all fragrances are unisex, so it’s nice to have one of my favorite people back me up on that.
Publish date:
December 2, 2014

The reason I’m excited about Pharrell’s new fragrance, GIRL, is not the same reason I get excited about all other celebrity fragrances. Then again, this is not just another celebrity fragrance, and Pharrell is not just another celebrity.

Pharrell has always been one of my idols. His style in both music and fashion is completely unrivaled. I’ve never heard a Pharrell beat that I wasn’t instantly addicted to, nor have I seen him in an outfit that wasn’t elevated by his own personal touch. In music and fashion, Pharrell does not allow himself to be confined by the boundaries of genre or gender. He constantly mixes elements from different types of music, and often works pieces from women’s collections into his own wardrobe. Pharrell is the definition of a pioneer, and a risk taker.

On top of his own clothing lines, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, Pharrell is also known for his numerous collaborations, including Moncler, Louis Vuitton, G-Star Raw, Adidas, and Moynat. For his first fragrance, Pharrell collaborated with Comme Des Garçons and KAWS to bring us GIRL For Girls And Boys.

I knew that a scent from the mind of Pharrell would be good, but partnering with Comme Des Garçons meant it would be superior. In terms of fragrances, Comme Des Garçons is nothing to mess with. They’re the perfect marriage of quality ingredients and ideas that tend to veer a little left of center, making for well-made, long-lasting, inviting, and sometimes curious scents.

Even more exciting was Pharrell’s decision to deem the scent unisex, which is a testament to both his vision as an artist and a tastemaker. I never shut up about how, no matter what, all fragrances are unisex, so it’s nice to have one of my favorite people back me up on that. I see you, Pharrell!

I know you guys are going to like the scent because so many of you have said how much you like wearing scents that are traditionally more “masculine,” or stealing your man’s cologne, or gravitate to something that reminds you of your dad or your grandpa or whatever. I fully support you in this, although I prefer to smell like a coffee shop, a pineapple or Britney Spears.

In short, the scent is woody and very classic. It’s clean, cool, and versatile, mature without smelling heavy and stale, young without being sporty.

At first spray, it’s very green, with neroli, lavender, and white pepper. In the middle, you’ll find white florals. Iris, styrax, and violet all help showcase the woody notes and the base without taking over the scent. The base notes are vetiver, patchouli, cedar and sandalwood.

Pharrell was especially interested in the way Comme Des Garçons included woody notes in their fragrances and made them so palatable for the general public, and sought to do that with his own scent. While it might seem like this scent is very focused on florals, GIRL is built around showcasing wood, so each note in the fragrance brings out, enhances, and complements the cedar and sandalwood, giving them longevity and making them wear in a way that is fresher than usual.

The bottle features artwork by Pharrell’s friend, New York-based artist KAWS. In my opinion, the bottle takes the already great fragrance to the next level, and makes it a true collaboration between three unique designers. Plus, it’s almost like having a KAWS sculpture sitting right there on your bathroom counter. Almost.

GIRL is available exclusively at Sephora for $135 for the 3.3oz bottle and $30 for the travel size.

What fragrances are you into right now? I'm currently drowning myself in Byredo's entire collection and loving every second of it. Are you dying over the GIRL bottle? I am. Let's chat in the comments. And hey, Pharrell, hire me.

Tynan smells like GIRL and is also a girl on Twitter @TynanBuck.