Order Proactiv First, Then Shut The F&^% Up

Hey look, it's Justin Bieber!
Publish date:
May 17, 2011
acne, skin, Proactiv

Listen, dude. I understand why people are so resistant to Proactiv. It's unglamorous. The packaging is plastic and dumpy. Jane wants us to take our own photos of products, but my Proactiv bottles look so busted that I couldn't even. There are no nice glass jars, and there is not one tiny bit of text anywhere in French.

And Proactiv is all up in your face with those commercials and marketing. No one is prodding you along at some swanky Nordstrom counter with live in-store piano music. You get it from a vending machine at the mall, or in a boring white box in the mail. (Well, I get it in a boring bag from the publicist, beause I Twitter-stalk and beg her.)


The reason Proactiv has so much money to advertise everywhere and pay Justin Beiber like a million dollars is that it makes loads of money -- you know, from people buying it. And people keep buying it because it works. It does! For many, many people with chronic acne including ME (it cleared my hormonal chin-and-mouth pimples), it is the only thing that ever worked, which is why I tell my people every time to at least start with it and stick with it for three months.

The conversation is like this:

ME: Stop bitching about your breakouts. Did you get Proactiv like I told you to?

FRIEND: (whiny) I've got this stuff at Sephora that I really like by Dr.--

ME: You don't really like it! You never shut up about your skin!

FRIEND: But Proactiv dries it out and it bleaches my towels and--

ME: Your towels? What?! So? And order one of the oil-free moisturizers with it. Stop talking.

Look, obviously other products besides Proactiv are good, but Proactiv encourages consistency and routine -- sticking with the same three steps over and over. And when it comes to acne, consistency really counts.

I know lots of people will disagree. Let's go.