I don't know exactly what's going on these days in Egypt, but I do know that enough time has passed that I can make jokes about it.
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April 6, 2011
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Well. I don't know exactly what's going on in Egypt these days now that it's not on television all the time -- a relief, in truth, because when comes to keeping up with current events, I tend to follow a more TMZ-ish trajectory myself -- but I do know that enough time has passed that I can make jokes about it.

So hey, here we go: Look! I've found a fabulous sunburnt-pink nail polish called Dusk Over Cairo. Ha-HA. Look closely at that photo -- the shade really does uncannily match the sky. Yup, it's a great color that came out a few years ago from the always-awesome O.P.I., who consistently make the best shades in the game.

...With the best names. Right? That's why I always reach for O.P.I. the two times a year I can be forced to get a free manicure/pedicure with a beauty publicist -- so I can choose the most obnoxiously fun nail polish and prattle on about it.

"You know what shade this is?" I'll ask as we're having our toenails painted. "My Throne For A Raspberry Scone! I consideredSeagullible and obvs Kinky in Helsinki, then came this close to Redipus-Oedipus -- who wouldn't? -- but ultimately I think I made the right choice." (Pause) "My mani? Child Stars Rarely Unravel Quietly." (nervous laughter) "No, I just made that up. This is Mmm...Vould You Like to Lick-enstein?" (more nervous laughter) "No, that's ... what it's called." (laughter ceases) "I wanted Lemonade Stand By Your Man, but they ... ran out."

This is why PR girls think I'm weird. It's okay: Duh, I am.

Anyway, Dusk Over Cairo is definitely my new favorite! "Get it?", I fantasize crowing. "Dusk? Over Cairo?!"

(The joke, you see, is that nightfall in Egypt during the bruhaha earlier this year was notoriously extra-dangerous, at least according to that one broadcast of "Anderson Cooper 360" I watched that time that my friends made me. But surely you got that.)

Jokes aside, this really is a lovely color. My mom, who is chic, always has the ill rich-lady manicure and she rocks this kind of apricot-y polish all the time. It always looks so good on her hands, subtle and elegant -- I dare say even finger-elongating, in the manner of nude shoes.

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