OPEN THREAD: What Products Are On Your Desk?

My desk is a bit of a mess of products right now.
Publish date:
December 16, 2013
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So there is an invisible line between my and Madeline’s desk. Technically our desks are connected, but it does not take a trained eye to see where she ends and I begin. I’m a bit of a pack rat. My brain needs to be STIMULATED and a clean desk does not an artist make. Did you guys know I went to art school? Or, I was a photography major with a minor in getting FADED. That story is for another day.

So though there are a TON of weird things on my desk, I’m going to focus on the products that I use every day.

First and most importantly is my tub of Aquaphor. Everybody loves this stuff (or, they just don’t know they do yet) and I am not special, so I do too. It is really dry and cold here and I need it for my sweet baby DSL lips. Next, I need my hands to be properly moisturized so I can type real fast which is where the Aesop Hydrating Body Gel comes in. It smells wonderful and doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy.

I have my ABL Surf Wax, for when my hair is clean (which is almost never) and I need some grease to make me look tough. The Kiehl’s Vanilla and Cedarwood fragrance I've had since the Julie days and I love it. If I had my druthers I would be followed around by a light yellow cloud of strange yet lovely smells all the time. Finally, my Essie nail polish in Ignite The Night. I love a thick glitter polish, and this one has a chrome great color that can turn any chipped nail into a colorful disco.

So that is the surface scrapings of my desk. There Is also some other awesome stuff, like the picture of a snail to remind me to SLOW DOWN. Oh, and always a ton of candy. Candy within arm's reach is important for productivity.

What do you surround yourself with? What products do you have to have nearby just in case? Sneak a pic if you can right now. I want to see what you need.