Ombré Isn't Over -- At Least Not For Me

I know some of you are screaming, “No! Don’t do it!” But I did it again. At home.
Publish date:
December 8, 2014
ombre, DIY, L'oreal, highlights, Hair Color

A month ago, I was at a crossroads: What do I do with my post-summer ombré hair? I spent another week or two weighing my options (and finances), and I decided a cut and color was in order.

But lucky me, I was visiting my family for an early Thanksgiving celebration, and my sister (and favorite model/muse/photographer), who happens to be a talented, self-taught hairstylist -- she cuts her husband’s hair, highlights and cuts my mom’s hair and has always dyed her own -- offered to help me out. This was a dream come true after our years of badly cutting Barbie doll hair. And it was free!

In the middle of my parents’ kitchen, my sister gave me a good trim, and then she set to work on taking my hair to a single shade of deep brown. I rinsed and dried it, and I curled it the next day.

I loved it… that day.

I got to use my sister’s fancy curling iron, and we were doing a fashion post for our blog, so I went a little heavier on the makeup. But all the days after, I felt super washed-out. And my hair just felt too dark for me. I missed my lighter ends. I felt boring. In the photo above, it looks really pretty, but just like any other time you get a brand new ’do, it never looked that amazing again.

I just couldn't stop thinking about going ombré again.

This is the point where some of you are screaming, “No! Don’t do it!” But I did it. I went DIY on my hair (again) for a more subtle autumn ombré using L'Oréal Superior Preference Ombré Touch, which comes with a fingertip applicator featuring little plastic bristle-type things to distribute the color easily and evenly.

This picture was taken two days later. At this point, the darker hair has faded a bit and it’s much more subtle.

I know ombré is a fading trend (yeah, that’s a hair pun), but I’ve never been into dressing or looking trendy: I just do what I think looks good on me, and I think ombré looks good on me. I wear a lot of black, and I like the contrast compared to the all-brown. It feels more like me, and I have no regrets (at least until I read the comments below).

Are you over ombré hair? If you went ombré this summer, how are you styling it/fixing it now that winter is coming?