Don’t Accidentally Eat These Tasty Lip Popsicles

These little guys are super adorable -- and ultra practical.
Publish date:
May 30, 2014
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What, you’ve never heard of a lip Popsicle before?

That's probably because there really is no such thing as a lip Popsicle -- I made it up when I saw these new balms from Portland, Oregon-based beauty brand Olio E Sasso! They are adorable little push-up pops of emollient goodness that are handmade in small batches. (I'm wearing their No. 3 Crimson in the photo above.)

The ingredients are minimal: beeswax, olive oil, shea oil and grapefruit essential oil. (Tinted versions also add a small amount of pigment.) Olive oil in particular has made many appearances as a beauty product throughout history -- the Romans used it as part of their bathing routine for hundreds of years before they ever had the big idea to eat it! Olive oil kept their skin soft and helped remove grime when applied and then scraped off with a tool. (The tool they used was called a strigil, and Claire is writing all about the modern-day strigil very soon!)

In addition to being sweet-smelling and totally tantalizing, the ingredients in these clever push-up balms (specifically the shea oil) can also help soothe certain kinds of dermatitis, minor burns, chapped skin and excessive dryness. Well, the clear one, that is -- I wouldn't suggest using the tinted versions for any medicinal purposes. Those are best saved for easily achieving rosy, windswept cheeks and sheer, perky, just-bitten lips.

Olio E Sasso is a tiny beauty line created by a Pacific Northwest mom and makeup artist who was looking for something to soothe her young son's sensitive skin. Once she realized her formula worked, it was a total no-brainer to introduce tinted versions. I use the No. 3 Crimson, on my cheeks and lips all day long, as it has the most color of the bunch -- but is still very light and sheer. It moisturizes beautifully and goes on silky smooth, never caking up in the corner of my mouth. It also doesn't leave any gross aftertaste, and has a light, citrus flavor that isn't overwhelming.

The clear version, No.1, is perfect to use on elbows, knees, or any other spot prone to dryness and irritation. (I even use it to stop flyaway hairs!) It sinks in quickly, so you can get dressed and not worry about it leaving greasy marks on your clothes.

So if your kisser needs a quick pick me up, just pop open one of these adorable little lip Popsicles. But watch out -- you won't be able to stop at just one. They are quite addicting, just like the real thing.

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