BOLD BEAUTY PREDICTION: Future Lips Will be Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green Ala 'The Hunger Games'

OCC Lip Tars are how we get there.
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February 3, 2012
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If you're like me, you sometimes get bored of traditional lipstick offerings. I mean, it's basically red, pink or nude, right? BORING. It's like everybody just wants to look pretty or something. But I boldly predict that, just like has happened with nail polish offerings, the future of lipstick will be bold primary colors like blue, yellow, purple and green. And everyone will look weird but exciting, just like in "The Hunger Games."

After I read a book, I either leave it on my front stoop or casually drop it on a subway bench for the next reader, so I can't actually look back for a good future beauty description. But as I recall, everybody had crazy skin and hair colors.

OK, here you go, I found the "Hunger Games wiki," which is something that exists.

"Octavia is a plump woman whose entire body has been dyed pale shades of green (light pea green in "The Hunger Games," and light forest green in "Catching Fire.") Katniss noted that Octavia looks younger than she thought without her hair dye and skin coloring; possibly in her early-twenties. Gale's little sister Posy remarks that '[Octavia] would look pretty with her skin any color.'"

Octavia sounds like a baller! I wanted to say "swag," but since I am nowhere near as cool as Cat, I'm pretty sure me uttering the term is the equivalent of your favorite morning anchor using it on the local news, aka a death knell.

In lieu of being able to dye your skin, Obesessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tars dabble in future beauty with their ultra-saturated cross between a lipstick and a gloss. Check it:

I've been obsessed with that pale blue shade ever since Jewel wore it in the "You Were Meant for Me" video in what, 1995? It really stuck with me.

Anyway, due to their hyperpigmentation, the Lip Tars can come in all kinds of cool shades including opaque primary yellow, deep purple, neon oranges and reds, and true cyan blue, as seen on Jane and Eric.

In truth though, these are hard to apply. You have to use just the tiniest bead of tar, and I would recommend a lip brush. We didn't use one, and it shows. It will also end up all over your hands, teeth, and face if you're not careful. It's more like paint than cosmetics.

Of course, I went straight for the shocking shades, but I actually think I may have played myself with my flair for the dramatic, because the more "traditional shades" are super lovely. The heavy pigment makes conventional colors POP; I bet Femme (baby pink flamingo) and Banjee (freshly sliced mango) are exquisite. Oh, and Cha Cha (pale tangerine pastel)! I may actually go back and buy some of these with my own money.

Look how rad Julie looks in "Hoochie." It actually looked SHOCKINGLY good -- as soon as it hit her lips, we all kind of gasped.

And Madeline in NSFW:

But my heart belongs to the nutso crazy color choices, even if they are hard to apply. Yellow! Green! Here are some nicely applied by a professional:

And sloppily applied by me:

I'm obessed! They're $13.50 each and can be purchased here. And if you read the directions first and take your time applying, they will look much better than ours did, I think. If you are too busy and/or lazy for that, you know that about yourself and shouldn't spend the money. And if you're from the future, email me at I wanna know if I stay hot. Just kidding, I wanna know about world peace or something.