Obsessed With: Wah Nails

Because honestly, if I'm going to get a manicure, I want to get a freaking manicure, you know?
Publish date:
May 23, 2011
manicures, nail, wah nails

It takes a lot to get me this hot for nails. I'm from the "If some dude thinks me not having a manicure is a friggin' dealbreaker then he should probably just kill himself" school of thought -- and accordingly, I get much fewer manicures than most people, despite knowing nail polish is the cheapest easiest best accessory ever.

Enter WAH Nails. They're this crazy nail salon -- "badass nail art boutique," they like to say -- that I first discovered last year when I went to London and somehow found myself in the basement of Topshop on Oxford Street. Scroll down for more photos -- so killer, right?

I'm in love with them. Wah Nails are next level. So next level that I now follow Wah Nails on Twitter, poke through the Wah Nails archive constantly, and am obsessed with getting them over here to the US. How do we make this happen?

Because honestly, if I'm going to get a manicure, I want to get a manicure, you know? Like on some Michael Alig/Disco 2000 steez! Just without the murder.

What do you think? Do you die? I die. Check out the mazing looks after the jump -- trust me, they're worth your time.