OBSESSED WITH: The Easiest Smoky Eye Kit in the World!

Also, I really like it because it's French and makes me feel ... intercontinental.
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October 6, 2011
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Lately, more often than not I’m wanting DARK EYES. I mean, that’s hardly new for me, but occasionally I am in a bare face/red lipstick phase. But ever since I dyed my hair dark last Friday, I’ve been piling on the vampy stuff.

I have mirrors on my walls instead of a headboard to my bed, and that’s where I’ve been applying the makeup. If that sounds slutty, the mirrors, just know that I WAS going to put them up over my bed, but the handyman who swore he could do it from Craigslist got progressively so drunk as he was working that by the time he got to my mirrors, I was like, f*&k no.

Which is good, because the shelves he put in my bathroom are coming out of the walls, and I can’t even put a bottle of perfume on them. But anyway, what was I talking about? The smoky eye kit.

It is called the Sephora Collection Pro Lesson Palette: Smoky Eyes, and I find it appealing for many reasons:

1) It is exceedingly French. Like, Sephora is a French company, in case you didn’t know, and I spend lots of time on sephora.fr looking at the cool stuff they have that we don’t have. This is a product that was produced for both French people and English-speaking people, and the French directions on the palette come first, and for me, that’s just a SOLD. It makes a big difference when you’re using the thing. Trust.

2) The aforementioned directions are very, very easy to follow, with incongruously fantastic smoky-eye results. I think this is because of the perfect shadows themselves, particularly the “middle” lid-and-crease shades, which are actually very hard to pick out for yourself if you are shopping for solo shadows.

3) There are shadows/instructions for two different smoky eyes: a brown smoky (OBSESSED) and your typical black smoky. The instruction vary slightly for both -- follow them accordingly. Then both of the instructions end with “With the pencil, draw a line along upper lashes and apply your favorite mascara.” They supply this pencil, which is a wonderful standard black creamy kohl that goes on inky and smudges just so. Sephora is dope!

What you don’t get are the brushes you need, namely a liner brush (I prefer slanted) and a shadow brush (I also prefer an angled one with this), but surely you have them. If not, buy! And Sephora brand makes amazing brushes, so there, I recommend those. My one friend always puts makeup on me and she has the best big fluffy brush, and I always snap at her, “What IS that?”, because I don’t have it, and I’m supposed to have everything good. And it’s always, “Sephora!”

Anyway, usually I don’t just write about one brand in a story, but I’m late for a doctor’s appointment and some other nightmarishly grownup stuff that I’m dreading dealing with today. I’ll write something more extensive soon. xo