OMIGOD, NO WAY: I Woke Up Without Any Pimples

I've been on my new acne meds for 16 days and they're working!
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January 6, 2012
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I know I said that I was going to shut up about my skin when Emily vowed to stop talking about her weight, but I can't not share this news, you guys! I woke up today without a single live pimple on my face, not one.

Since my acne first surfaced a few months ago, each morning I dread looking in the bathroom mirror and finding another cluster of red bumps or a huge new pimple. I'm vain, OK? Sometimes I even run my hands over my face first to mentally prepare myself.

My skin looked so bad that a rep from Proactiv sent me their system without my even asking for it. Real talk though, it is sort of a long-standing goal of mine to star in a Proactiv commercial.

Wait, do you remember this?

I love him.

Anyway, I want to tell you about the skincare regimen that FINALLY worked for me. I mentioned last week that I had stopped seeing fancy derms with eponymous product lines to treat my acne. They're great for cosmetic work like injectables and lasers, but when it comes to acne, my new savior is Dr. Anne Chapas.

Cat has known Dr. Chapas since her Lucky mag days, and I met her too when I went with Cat for a top-secret procedure -- more on that later!

My pimples were terrible that day. I know I have a tendency to gush about new doctors, but Dr. Chapas is really lovely and reassuring; she's never pushy or aggressive. And I sexistly like that she's a woman. Whatever.

After she was done with Cat, I started telling her my acne story, and she prescribed two new -- well, old because I've used them before -- products for me to try.

I mentioned this before, but I want you to see it! I can't guarantee that these three will work for you, but they've cleared my skin when nothing else could.

Each morning I wash my face with a drop of Cetaphil cleanser then dry off with a clean towel. Next, I apply a pea-sized drop of Clindamycin lotion to my entire face. I even rub this stuff into my eyebrows. Gross, sorry. Then I try to avoid makeup unless I absolutely have to wear it. Like, this evening I'll put some on because I'm meeting Michelle Phan from Lancome and she's a total makeup babe so I want to impress her.

At the end of the night, if I'm being good, I take everything off with a Clean & Clear face wipe and then wash with a drop of Cetaphil again. To finish, I apply a pearl-sized (new imagery!) drop of retinol. And some sort of eye cream and Latisse, but those two don't affect my acne.

I'm sure there are more breakouts to come, and I'll document them if you're interested, but today I feel really hopeful! My skin has a huge impact on my mood, and I can't help wanting to hide when it's at its worst. I still have lots of red marks and scars to cover, but I'll write a separate article about that.

How is your skin doing, though? And was this helpful? Let's talk about it. XO

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