I Got To Chat With Nicky Hilton About Her New Smashbox Collaboration, OMG

When you bring together one of the coolest girls in fashion and have her curate some of the best products from one of the biggest names in beauty, you're bound to see killer results.
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June 3, 2015
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Public Service Announcement: I love the Hiltons.

They’re hot. They’re millionaires. And they’re totally unbothered by what you think of them. GOALS, you know?

I actually worked with the whole Hilton camp a few years back for Paris Hilton’s documentary premier in LA (which is underrated and iconic, obviously. Watch it on YouTube and thank me later,) and they’re some of the nicest and most gracious people I’ve ever worked with, celebrity or otherwise. Nicky Hilton asked me to hold her purse so she could take pictures with some fans and it literally changed my life.

I’m probably breaking some sort of confidentiality agreement with my previous job by telling you that, but whatever, I have nothing but good things to say. And they can’t sue me right? Like, it’s summer.

Anyway, speaking of Nicky Hilton, she’s doing the cutest collaboration with Smashbox which I am predictably over the moon about.

Nicky teamed up with Smashbox to put together three cat eye kits, inspired by her favorite cities, New York, LA, and London. Each set’s color palette fits the ~vibe~ of each location with a Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio, a Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner (which does not mess around,) and a tube of Full Exposure Mascara.

In the LA set, you’ll find shimmery, beachy browns and golds. New York’s has gorgeous matte trio of beige, brown, and black, for the perfect smokey eye, and London’s is made up of blushy plums and purples. Each of them are perfect little sets for subtle to fully done eyes with just a few products.

The best part of this collabo is the PRETTY KITTY BAG!

It’s a teeny little bag with cute little blue cat eyes, embossed whiskers, and cat ears. I love anything with cat ears including this makeup bag, Ariana Grande, and actual cats. The little bag is the perfect clutch to fit all your essentials, including these products, your phone, a flask, condoms, a taser, whatever. Happy summer.

I got the chance to speak to Nicky about working with Smashbox, which was great, because I was dying to pick her brain about the collaboration, and some other things that aren’t relevant at all. But like, how often do you get to speak to a Hilton?

Tynan: Omg hi Nicky Hilton. So how did this collaboration with Smashbox come about? Why Smashbox?

Nicky Hilton: Davis Factor of Smashbox has been a friend of mine for many years. He knows how much I love cosmetics. Last year we met up and decided to collaborate on a makeup kit. I instantly decided on the cat eye kit. I'm obsessed with cats and I love sporting a fierce cat eye.

T: You have a long history in fashion from clothing to handbags. What made you want to branch out into beauty?

NH: I’m a total beauty addict. I love makeup, lotions and potions. The store I spend most time in is hands down Sephora.

T: SAME. What is your favorite piece in your Smashbox collection?

NH: I love the Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liners. They glide on perfectly and last all day long.

T: What made you focus the collection around eyes?

NH: I think eyes are the most striking feature. They say so much about a person. They should be enhanced with beautiful makeup!

T: Who inspires you when it comes to beauty?

NH: Elizabeth Taylor, Bridget Bardot, Audrey Hepburn. They were classic beauties who all had signature makeup looks.

T: What celebrity would you like to get ready for a night out with the most? Mine's Rihanna.

NH: Jennifer Lopez. She is always flawless. The hair, makeup, clothes, accessories- everything is so on point.

T: What's your routine like when you're doing your own makeup?

NH: I apply and eye cream and then a light moisturizer. Then I apply a primer. Put a little concealer under my eyes. Put a loose powder on and then bronzer. Fill my brows in with brow powder. Two coats of Double Exposure Mascara. Light lip balm.

T: As someone who travels all the time, what are some beauty essentials you need with you when you're traveling all day then going out all night?

NH: I always put a primer on under my makeup. I love Smashbox's Photo Finish. I've been using it for years. I also carry oil blotting papers in my purse. I hate looking shiny.

T: Okay, I'm out a party, surrounded by people. I just rubbed my eye and I think I smudged both my liner and my mascara, and I'm having an internal meltdown. What do I do?

NH: Look in a mirror. There's nothing unladylike about pulling out a mirror. A hairbrush is another story.

T: What's your favorite thing to listen to when you're doing your makeup? What's your favorite song right now?

NH: I like upbeat fun music. Electronic, Beyonce, Madonna… Currently I'm playing the "50 Shades of Grey" soundtrack on repeat.

"Look in a mirror." CAN YOU EVEN?!?!? Nicky Hilton with the mic drop right there.

This collabo is the cutest thing, right? It's perfect for summer, when you want to take your products with you but don't want to be lugging around your entire Naked 2 palette with you or whatever.

You guys know I love a good collaboration. Well, most of the time. All I ask from a good beauty collabo is that it makes sense, and this one does. When you bring together one of the coolest girls in fashion, like my close personal friend Nicky Hilton, and have her curate some of the best products from one of the biggest names in beauty, you're bound to see killer results.

What do you guys think of this collabo? What is your dream beauty collaboration? Tell me everything in the comments!

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