This Weekend's Beauty News is All About Men (and Zendaya)

Tom Ford, Zoolander, Niall, and... ball wipe?
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January 17, 2016
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Oh snap! Just when I've decided I don't need a Tom Ford Lips & Boys teeny lipstick, the team at Tom announces a new makeup line for this season. BAH! Always trying to sabotage me and my money, Ford!

Tom's new line rules my world

Do you ever look at Tom Ford's luscious, luxurious beauty products and just go "Ughhhhhhhhhh?" I do. A lot. They're so gorgeous. They're Hollywood, they're New York chic, they're classic. Allure's Daily Beauty Reporter unboxed the new collection, and I pretty much want all of it. Beauty brands release new shit all the time, but when it's Tom Ford, it's legit news.

Tom Ford Cosmetics has always prided itself on being the best of the best, and every new product they unveil makes me green with envy. Obviously they've got a following, considering how quickly the Drake shade of Lips & Boys sold out. As for this new collection, I want it all! Even if I don't wear eyeshadow.

WTF is a Nadkin?!

I read the description of Nadkins aloud to a few GFs and they're all like, "Hmm, that makes me feel weird." Products like the Nadkin, including douches and vaginal wipes for "freshness," have been marketed to women for ages, but now they're spreading out to a growing men's grooming market.

So, what's a Nadkin? It's a wet-nap for men's nether regions for when they get sweaty and smelly.

Its inventor Joe Caccamo told The Huffington Post that the product was conceived when a friend said, "'You know Joe, guys don’t always smell so great ... down there.'" He went on to reply, "Yeah ... it’s like they need a napkin for their nads ... a Nadkin!"

So here we are, in a world where Nadkins are sold to every Tom, Dick (LOL) and Harry. Products like this have been sold to women for ages, so it's about damn time that dudes were confronted with marketing messages about how their junk doesn't smell or feel "fresh" enough. I'm not saying that they need these products, but now they get what we're confronted with every day.

Is Zendaya our next fave beauty vlogger?

We're obsessed with Zendaya here at xoVain, so if she does become a beauty vlogger, as her Instagram followers request, we'd be glued to her channel. In her relatively short time in the spotlight, she's become a beauty icon. She changes up her hair and her makeup effortlessly and sparks trends along the way.

Teen Vogue highlights some of Zendaya's best beauty moments, and the star herself questioned whether or not she should start a beauty tutorials vlog on her Instagram page.

We'd love to see Zendaya expand her talents to makeup tutorial videos. She's gorgeous, she's a role model to young girls, and she's a feminist. What more could we want?

Really, really ridiculously good-looking GIFs

OK, so this isn't really "news," but Derek Zoolander and his forthcoming Zoolander sequel are important to me, which is why I'm thrilled as all get out to see his chiseled abs and stunning features on the cover of Vogue.

Vogue is pretty predictable with its choice of cover stars (Gwyneth, Bey, Drew, etc.), so I legit LOL'ed when I saw Ben Stiller on the cover as the legendary DER-EK-ZOO-LAN-DER, the world's most influential male model. Where's Hansel, though?

I know pretty much the entire script of Zoolander by heart, so this sequel is a Big F'ing Deal for me. put together some classic Zoolander GIFs that pair well with the big beauty lessons we've all learned from Derek, Hansel, Matilda, Rufus, Brint, Meekus and Mugatu. And Todd. And Katina Ingabovinanana. And my sherpa, Lapsang. OK, OK, I'll stop. The best beauty lesson I learned from Zoolander was to protect my hands, though not quiiiiite as hardcore as J.P. Prewitt.

Life-changing news on the One Direction front

We don't know for sure if One Direction is indeed breaking up instead of just taking a hiatus, as they claim, but if N*SYNC is any example, the group is probably dunzo for good. Regardless, I'm still totally obsessed with 1D even though I'm 28 and I have regular sex dreams about Harry Styles.

It's big news in 1D world when a member of the foursome changes his appearance in any way, which is why the Directioners are all abuzz about Niall Horan's possible hair-color change. Niall's always been the cute blondie of the group, and though his blonde locks are probably a dye job and not Mother Nature's blessing, it's become his trademark look. Harry's got the long, gorgeous chestnut hair, Zayn's gone grey (and gone away from 1D, RIP) and Niall's the blonde. Well, it looks like he's probably over the bleach now.

According to MTV, Niall's back to his roots — literally. He was recently snapped with a baseball cap covering some very un-blonde hair, and Directioners are going nuts. #BrunetteNiall is a thing now, and honestly, I'm kinda into it. If Niall chooses to go ~*dark*~ post-1D, then good for him. I always dye my hair after a breakup, don't you?

  • Are you as pumped as I am for Zoolander 2? What beauty lessons did you learn from the first movie?
  • Who's your favorite Directioner? Mine's Louis — shhhhh. It's a weird thing and I'm semi-ashamed of it.
  • What do you think about the Nadkin? Does the name gross you out? It grosses ME out.