Zendaya Tweets Smart, Classy Response To Rancic's Apology

Plus: red lipstick as concealer, a comedy about a not-so-funny topic, and more worthy beauty news.
Publish date:
February 25, 2015
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Zendaya To Giuliana Rancic: "I'm Glad It Was A Learning Experience For You, And For The Network."

Yesterday, Giuliana Rancic gave an on-air apology for the remarks she made about Zendaya's hair on E!'s Fashion Police. A couple of hours ago, the 18-year-old actress/singer replied with the above statement. She hits all the points, reminding us that a very large network let these comments fly, and closing with a beautifully chosen quote. [L.A. Times] [Twitter]

Jessie Kahnweiler Wants To Make You Laugh, About Bulimia

A comedian and filmmaker, Kahnweiler says that the subject of her new project, The Skinny, a dark comedy about bulimia, is being met with more shock than her previous film, Meet My Rapist, which is exactly why she made it. [The Cut]

Watch This YouTuber Cover Dark Circles With Red Lipstick

At 1:30 you'll roll your eyes. At 2:30 you'll laugh. At 3:57, you'll think, Where is my red lipstick? I HAVE TO TRY THIS. [Deepica Mutyala]

Heart Attacks More Likely Two Hours After A Fit Of Anger, Says Study

An Australian study among heart attack patients found that the risk of a heart attack is 8.5 times more likely two hours after a fit of anger. What kind of fit? The teeth clenching, throw things kind; level five on a scale of one to seven, according to the study. When was the last time you had a level five or above anger fit? Today someone put rice milk in my coffee, but that was a level two (loud sigh), tops. [Science Daily]

Make Your Own Face Wash With DIY Orange Peel Powder And Coconut Water

Even non-DIYers can get excited about this. Simply bake the orange peel, blend it, strain it, and mix it with coconut water for a homemade facial cleanser. You can also use orange peel powder to make a bath soak, body oil, or "orange ice facial." [Refinery29]