5 Reasons Why Zendaya’s Instagram Has Become My #1 Source for Beauty Inspiration

I never thought a Disney star would become my beauty muse!
Publish date:
November 20, 2015
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I follow a whole gaggle of celebrities, renowned makeup artists, and beauty influencers on Instagram because I like to have options when it comes to beauty inspiration. One account that has become an endless source of inspiration for me is the account for Disney star Zendaya Coleman.

I haven’t regularly watched the Disney channel in a very long time, but the last couple of times I went back home to visit last year, my baby sis (who, at nearly 19, is sadly not so baby anymore) roped me into watching KC Undercover. The show’s actually not too bad, and I find Zendaya’s slap-stick comedy bit to be pretty charming.

After watching the show and going back and watching her run on Dancing with the Stars (I know, I’m a nerd), I decided to start following her on social media, and I quickly realized she was about to be my go-to beauty muse.

Here's why she’s killing the Instagram beauty game.

1. She’s a hair chameleon.

In the last year or so, I’ve begun to experiment more with different hairstyles and colors, whereas in the past I’d always thought I was limited by my hair’s texture. I love that Zendaya’s rocked so many different hair looks, from locs…

...to bangs…

...to short…

...to cornrows…

...and has done so unapologetically.

2. Her makeup game is on point.

Zendaya seems to be as fearless with her makeup as she is with her hair, and since we have a very similar skin tone, I find it so helpful for finding beauty looks that I know will look good on me.

She rocks a bold lip...

A little soft glam…

And full-faced fierceness…

3. She’ll sling a bare face your way too.

I love makeup because of how much you can transform your face and play around with different looks, but I also think it’s nice to feel comfortable with a bare face. Keeping my skincare on point helps with that confidence, but it’s nice to see people in the public eye embrace the naked face thing, too.

4. She understands the fun in a little low-key pampering.

Being that Zendaya is a celebrity, I’m sure she gets access to pampering beauty routines that I’ll never in my life be able to afford. That said, I love that she can kick back in a coconut oil hair mask and watch Grey’s like me (although my ritual of choice is a face mask, glass of wine, and the whole TGIT lineup).

5. She keeps it real.

Photoshopped images are nothing new in the magazine industry, but sometimes magazines go too far. I appreciate that Zendaya recently called out a magazine for over-manipulating her image and posted the un-retouched image on her Instagram. I think women of all sizes can have body issues, and I appreciate that she is aware of that and aware of her fan base and its struggles.

The longer I follow her on Instagram, the more I fall in love with Zendaya’s personal style and character. It just goes to show you that beauty inspiration can come from unexpected places!

  • Who has been your most unexpected beauty muse?
  • What are your favorite celebrity accounts to follow for beauty inspiration?