One YouTube Beauty Expert Comes Out and One Slips Down

Sometimes bravery wears waterproof mascara.

A few weeks ago, we posted a Danica McKellar quote to the xoVain Instagram account that, while not exactly the kind of cute little quip so many find Instagram-able, really resonates with a lot of xoVain readers, I think.

We're sayin'!

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xoVain readers love beauty stuff. I mean, duh. But if there was ever a group of people who could prove that a love of makeup and moisturizers didn't subtract from intellectual, political and humanitarian pursuits, it's the folks commenting on this site.

And that's why I think so many of you will appreciate the first story in this week's news roundup. Because even though a person's sexuality really shouldn't be news one day, while it still is, the bravery to talk about it should be embraced.

YouTube beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen came out in an emotional video

Formerly known to her millions of YouTube subscribers as missglamorazzi, 26-year-old Ingrid Nilsen posted a video yesterday unlike the beauty tutorials and lifestyle tips she typically posts. Mere moments into an almost 20-minute clip, failing to hold back happy and complicated tears, she tells her viewers that she's gay. (Feel free to watch it here now or save it for later.)

She selectively elaborates on why deciding to come out has been difficult for her, and while the video has gotten enormous support and hundreds of thousands of upvotes, Trolls McNoSouls have been downvoting and leaving hateful comments, from doubting the authenticity of her confession to being blatantly homophobic—basically proving her point of why her journey hasn't been an easy one.

Ingrid, I don't know if you'll see this and I can't speak for everyone at xoVain (though I feel many would agree with me), but from one Internet Beauty Lady to another, I'm proud of you.

Speaking of YouTube beauty personalities, Michelle Phan may not be on top anymore

Michelle Phan has long been considered the queen of YouTube beauty, and she's raking in the dough with her own makeup brand and a new branch of sampling program Ipsy. However, according an analytics firm called Pixability, vloggers Bethany Mota and Zoe Sugg have been kicking Michelle's phanny in the monthly-views category for some time now.

Michelle's lifetime views are still way higher than Bethany's and Zoe's, but all the stuff she's been doing in other business areas have meant less YouTube time. (That might mean more money, though, so...) [Ad Age]

Brittany Snow describes her worst waxing experience, and disappointingly, it's totally SFW

If I had Brittany Snow's face, I would keep it in a glass box and let no one touch it. I would literally wear a glass box over my head, yes. But apparently, she wanted a brow wax because she didn't seem to understand that she has a perfect face, and here's what she just told People StyleWatch about what happened:

I once went to a lady for the first time who was going to wax my eyebrows, and she told me I needed to wax my entire face. I have very, very sensitive skin, and my face did not like being waxed, so I broke out and then had to go to Vegas to promote Hairspray. In pictures I look like I’m terribly sunburned, but really it was a reaction to the wax. Never again.

I want to interview that waxer. Like, who looks at Brittany Snow and thinks, "Yep, that face is completely covered in unacceptable hair and must be remedied forthwith"?

As you suspected, your high heels are trying to kill you

You know what doesn't look cute with a fresh pedicure? A cast. I don't care if you get one of those colorful casts and match your polish to it and all your friends say, "Aw, how cute." They're just trying to make you feel better. It's not cute. Broken ankles are never cute.

But if you insist on wearing high heels all the damn time, you're far more likely to break or strain one of those ankles of yours, according to the University of Alabama, whose researchers found that there were more than 120,000 high-heel-related injuries between 2002 and 2012. And most of those injuries happened to women in their twenties. And most of those injuries happened at home. What even? [Cosmopolitan]

BuzzFeed is still finding things for guys to try, and this time, it's fake nails

Hey, wait, these aren't the usual BuzzFeed Try Guys! (Maybe they'd all tried press-on nails before and it wouldn't have been honest?) Anyway, there's nothing particularly mind-blowing about this video, but I did LOL when one of the guys says, "Damn, it would be hard to text your grandson."

  • Do you ever wear press-on nails?
  • What was your worst waxing experience?
  • Don't you wish people would just be nice to each other?