There's a Beautiful New Shade of Blue to Add to Your July 4th Manicure

Also in this weekend's beauty news: a Law & Order: SVU actress talks about her implant experience, New York considers public sunscreen machines, and more!
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July 3, 2016
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Happy holiday weekend! It's America's birthday! How magical is that? Do you think America wants to have a Finding Dory party? Or maybe a Ninja Turtles party?

Since all of us have sunning, funning, BBQ-ing and sparkler waving to do, this weekend's news is gonna be real snackable, just like a potato chip covered in French-onion dip. (What? I'm from the Midwest. That's practically cuisine.)

Scientists have discovered a brand new shade of blue

Yves Klein Blue is my favorite color, but scientists at Oregon State University might have just discovered my new favorite shade. It's called YInMn blue after the nontoxic elements that comprise it, and it's so pretty. Fingers crossed that Sephora designs a collection around it.

According to Hello Giggles, the color was discovered while scientists were doodling around in the lab, "experimenting" or doing whatever scientists do. They mixed black manganese oxide with a few other chemicals and BAM! YInMn Blue was born.

The best news? It's gonna be sold as a paint color. I really need to get on that whole buying a house thing.

A Law & Order: SVU actress opens up about removing her implants

Marci and Rachel are obsessed with SVU, so we had to include this story from actress and Rouge founder Stephanie March about her breast implants and why she decided to get them removed.

Stephanie got implants in 2014 when she was 39, and she admits it was a bad decision; she was in the middle of a really difficult time in her life. She writes on Refinery29 that deep down, she knew it wasn't right for her. Every implant she tried felt too large and "alien."

After getting them, Stephanie was happy for a while — until one got infected and burst. After spending tons of time at different doctors, Stephanie realized that her body just didn't want the implants, and she had them removed. A few years later, she feels confident in her body again.

A beauty vlogger is under fire for not knowing what Bantu knots are

Gilan Sharafani, a Norwegian beauty vlogger, posted a video of herself explaining how to get "Big Curly Hair — No Heat!" Sounds great, right? No fussing with a curling iron or pincurls?

Of course, what Gilan is creating are Bantu knots, a style with deep roots in African culture. Her followers pointed this out, and Gilan claimed she'd never heard of the technique.

It's ignited quite a stir on her Instagram page, too, as followers debate whether or not Gilan was guilty of cultural appropriation and passing it the idea off as her own. What do you think?

Free sunscreen on the streets of NYC? It's a miracle!

You can squeeze out a dollop of antibacterial solution all over the place, from metro stations to museums, but one politician has decided to try and make sunscreen as widely available.

According to Allure's Daily Beauty Reporter, Scott Stringer wants to follow cities like Boston and Miami in offering dispensers all over NYC so people can easily apply SPF 30 when they need it.

Allure asked a Boston city employee what he thinks of the existing program there, and he said it's got its ups and downs: "Some people love it, and it makes people more aware, but other people comment that it’s an eyesore. The all-natural formula is thick and clogs the machines, too much comes out, and people start wiping it all over.”

Whether or not the machines become available in NYC, you gotta remember to SPF up this summer! (This applies to me, noted SPF skipper, as well.)

  • What sunscreen will you be applying this 4th of July?
  • Are you obsessed with the new blue? It should go on the flag, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Have you, like Stephanie March, ever made a major beauty decision you regretted?