OPEN THREAD: Getting to Know You

We asked. You answered.
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February 19, 2016
open thread

Can you believe xoVain is having its THIRD ANNIVERSARY in just a week and a half? It feels like it's gone by so fast, yet the site, its readers (aka you guys), and its contributors have evolved quite a bit in that time — myself included.

That's one of the reasons we hit you up for some super-basic survey answers the other day. We wanted to get a better feel for our demographic, and the only way to do that is to ask some pretty boring questions about your life, like how old you are and what country you live in — questions that don't define you as individuals by any means, but help turn our big audience blob into some more defined silhouettes.

As of 1 p.m. today, and since 4 p.m. on Wednesday — 45 hours — a whopping 3,593 readers took the survey. (We have a major commentariat, but if that isn't proof that most people who read xoVain don't comment, I don't know what is!) As promised, and as I've heard a lot of commenters ask about before, I'm going to break all the rules and share the answers you guys gave.

Ready? (That's not one of the survey questions.)

Have you ever purchased a product after reading about it on xoVain?

Wow, dudes! Over 83% of you bought a product after reading about it here! That's pretty amazing.

What is your age?

The age range of our readers is pretty spread out, but the most populated group is late 20s — 25 to 29 years old — with 34%. After that, it's early 20s — 21 to 24 — with 24%, followed by early 30s with 17%. The 18-20s and late-30s are tied with 8% each; and the under-18ers and 40-somethings are tied at 4% each. Only 12 people in their 50s answered the survey, and only 6 in their 60s did, and I'm pretty sure my mom was one of them.

In what country to you currently reside?

The vast majority of you — 69% — are in xoVain's homeland, the United States; meanwhile, 10% live in Canada, and 6% live in the UK. The remaining 15% are spread out all over the world.

Which of the following best describes your relationship status?

Exactly half of you are single (never married), and about a quarter of you are living with a not-legally-official significant other. The Marrieds make up 21%, while those in a domestic partnership or civil union make up 4%. Those of you who are separated, divorced or widowed make up less than 3% total.

What is the highest level of school/degree you've completed?

I can relate to the 44% of you who decided to stop worrying about taking tests after getting a bachelor's degree. A quarter of you have graduate degrees. A solid 19% of you are either still mid-college or decided it wasn't for you after a little while, and 3% have associate's degrees. A combined 10% is still in or stopped doing the school thing somewhere during or after high school.

Which of the following best describes your employment status?

A little more than half of you are employed full-time, while a little less than a quarter of you are employed part-time. Only 3 respondents are retired (hi again, mom), 19% are unemployed (with a little less than half actively looking for a job), and 1% is unable to work due to a disability.

How much total combined money did all members of your household earn last year?

Let's just do this one as a bulleted list in order of response percentage, shall we?

  • 24% of respondent households earned $25K to $49.9K
  • 18% of respondent households earned $50K to $74.9K
  • 14% of respondent households earned $75K to $99.9K
  • 12% of respondent households earned $10K to $24.9K
  • 9% of respondent households earned $100K to $124.9K
  • 6% of respondent households earned $200K or more
  • 6% of respondent households earned $125K to $149.9K
  • 6% of respondent households earned $9.9K or less
  • 4% of respondent households earned $150K to $199.9K

Are you currently enrolled as a student?

The majority of you — 66% — aren't currently students. The next highest percentage — 17% — accounts for current undergrads (either full- or part-time), while 12% of you are pursuing a graduate degree. And 5% of you are in high school, so you guys be sure to do you homework before you come hang out here, OK?

So, what do you think? Anything surprise you? What else is on your mind this weekend?