Take This Important-as-Hell xoVain Survey, Pretty Please

It's just 8 dumb little multiple-choice questions.
Publish date:
February 17, 2016

Hey, so, you know how sometimes businesses try to get a better understanding of some of the basic stuff about their customers by using boring-ass surveys? Well, you're not exactly our "customers" — if you are, you are really late paying us — but we want to know some general info about y'all.

It's only eight questions — anonymous ones. We don't know why it says "page 1" since there's only one page, but it's probably because we didn't spring for the survey upgrade that would make it look prettier. (Pretty sure a super-ugly graphic appears when you're done with the survey. Cool!)

We just want you to pick the answers that apply to you. Please do us a gigantic favor and don't claim to be a 100-year-old high school student in Canada. Unless you are one.

And if it's any motivation, Marci will share the results in the Open Thread on Friday. DEMOGRAPHICS PARTY!

Thanks, guys!