Here's What Some of Your Favorite xoVain Writers Actually Wore for Halloween

Because I need to brag about my coworkers' creativity.
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November 2, 2015
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I have to admit that I might have partied a little too hard this Halloween weekend, because I'm currently writing this with a craaaaazy fever and sore throat. Still, I just had to put together this round-up of some of the xoVain writers' actual Halloween costumes before going to crash in bed forever.

So without any further ado, check them out:


"I've been wanting to do an Ursula costume for a couple of years but never got around to executing it until this year. Ursula is by far my favorite Disney villain, based purely on all around fabulousness."

"I used purple cake makeup for my face, the Urban Decay Electric Palette for my eyes, Ardell Double Up lashes, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso, and filled in my brows with matte black shadow. The wig was a Marilyn Monroe one, but it worked out! This baby won me a costume contest so I was pretty proud."


"I made a split decision to go for a pop-art look because it was too hot to wear the outfit I put together for the Madison Montgomery costume. It was surprisingly quick, and now I'm tempted to wear blue eye shadow more often!"


“My friend and I dressed as ‘70s-era Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn for Halloween. I found both of our dresses at the thrift store, and our friend Joy of @eyesandirons came over and dolled us up with a lot of makeup, lashes and fake hair.”


"This was inspired by last-minute ingenuity, half-laziness, and all these MAC ads I kept seeing around the city on phone booths and bus stops of a Cleopatra makeup look with the words 'parade yourself.' Whatever to that, but also they sent me some dope pigments from their holiday collection I wanted to try out."

"Basically, my inventory of supplies was the buttload of beauty products I possess, a wardrobe of 90% black clothes, and my ability to sometimes think of good puns. Which all manifested into 'Neopatra, Queen of the Files.' Which incorporates two of my favorite things: Egyptian history and the 1999 film The Matrix."


"Since my hair is already green, I decided to go as the Joker. But I couldn't find a purple blazer—only a cardigan—so, like, an angsty teen lady-Joker or something."

"Here's a clearer, less boyfriend's-poorly-lit-bedroom close-up of the makeup, which is just cheap white costume base, a black Kat Von D eyeshadow from her Monarch palette (and a little contouring with the taupe shade from the same palette), a black Maybelline Master Drama eye pencil, some LORAC PRO Plus Fiber Mascara, and Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge for the red mouth, which made me realize something..."

"By the way, Aqua Rouge DOES NOT BUDGE. I definitely still had a bit of a Joker smile the next day."


"I was originally going to go as Marina and the Diamonds, but my costume involved a crop top, and I worried I was going to feel really cold wearing it. I went with Wednesday Addams instead since it's a warmer costume."

"For this look, I did neutral eye makeup and darkened my brows with dark brown shadow. I skipped out on blush to give myself a pale look and went with contoured cheeks instead. (My artist s.o. did 99 percent of the contouring for me since I was using my contour brush the wrong way and he didn't want me to go outside with brown streaks on my face. I'm thankful for him). Lastly, I applied MAC Lipstick in Media, created a center part in my hair and did two braids."


"My Ms. 45 costume!"

"And 'The Death of a Disco Dancer.' I did most of the makeup with the Make Up For Ever 12 colour flash box. My Ms. 45 lipstick was the Urban Decay super saturated pencil in F Bomb."


You guys already saw both of my costumes in last week's COTW, and I didn't end up changing them in any way. However, I did come up with a better idea than "witch" for my second costume: I told people I was Hades, ruler of the underworld. Who cares if he's supposed to be a dude and (according to Disney) is supposed to have blue hair. The point was to be intimidating enough so that people wouldn't try to talk to me, and let me tell you: mission accomplished.

  • Did anyone else win any contests like Tamara (rightfully) did?
  • Last chance to share your amazing costumes in the comments!