17 Women Over 60 Who Are Giving Us Life

Tell us in the comments: Who would you add to this list?

Ever heard someone say that men age better than women? Perhaps then they trotted out a George Clooney reference as proof? Well, EFF THAT.

Not only are older women in the spotlight giving us life (and hope), they're becoming our poster girls. Joan Didion x Celine. Iris Apfel x Kate Spade. Helen Mirren x L'Oreal. Charlotte Rampling x NARS. Jessica Lange x Marc Jacobs Beauty. Joni Mitchell x Saint Laurent. Tack their photos up on your walls, ladies. It's not about aging. It's about transforming.

We at xoVain approve of this message that cosmetic and fashion brands are beginning to unleash. So here are 17 women who don't just look good for being over 60, they look good... full stop.

1. Jessica Lange

This is a list but the numbers are not rankings. However, I do have a bias toward Lange, aka God's gift to cheekbones. She's the resident baddie on American Horror Story and she's the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. Looking like this at any age would be a blessing, but Lange brings a certain swagger at 65.

2. Lynda Carter

Remakes be damned, Carter will always be Wonder Woman to me. The gay rights activist is as worthy of her Miss World USA title today, at age 63, as she was in her early 20s. Maybe the pageant should extend the qualifying age past 25.

3. Alfre Woodard

Growing up, Woodard was teased for having big eyes and voluminous lips, but she never let it stop her from feeling beautiful, thanks to her mother. At 62, Woodard is one of the most gifted actors of our time. Much like her beauty, her poise is immeasurable.

4. Jane Seymour

This 64-year-old Bond girl has no shame in her bikini game, putting to rest the misconception that women over a certain age need to be modest and “age-appropriate” (whatever that means).

5. Meryl Streep

If I was giving out awards, Streep would get Most Talented and Most Ethereally Beautiful. Seeing her pose in a dress she wore thirty years ago makes me wonder if her role in Death Becomes Her, in which she drinks a potion to gain eternal youth, was based off actual events.

6. Tina Turner

This 75-year-old (!!) proves that youth has no age. Her rock star attitude is as spirited now as it was forty years ago. Perhaps the real anti-aging secret doesn’t come in a jar, but in spirit.

7. Helen Mirren

No list such as this would be complete without Mirren, who will be 70 this year. Remember that scene in 30 Rock where Jack says he hasn't seen Liz's brow that furrowed since she saw that picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini? And then Liz is all, "How is it possible? Is she a wizard?" Yes, Liz. She must be a wizard!

8. Raquel Welch

It’s difficult to believe that Welch is now 74. The actress is still dominating “Sexiest Stars” lists, and for good reason. Just look at her otherworldly skin.

9. Phylicia Rashad

Best known as the tough but loving mom from The Cosby Show, Rashad is a Tony Award-winning actress, singer, and director. She looks as good at 66 as she did in the '80s and '90s.

10. Susan Sarandon

At 68, this doe-eyed beauty, known for her acting and her activism, could easily be mistaken for being twenty years younger. She also owns a cool ping-pong club, SPiN, in New York City.

11. Lynn Whitfield

Whitfield is turning serious heads as Michaela Pratt’s glamorously mean mother-in-law-to-be on How To Get Away With Murder. She's 61, but with every new role she looks exactly the same as she did in her last role--it's been like that since the '90s.

12. Stevie Nicks

There’s nothing you could say that would convince me that this mystical, unearthly rock star is 66 years old. Perhaps, as rumors and her guest role on American Horror Story: Coven suggest, we can chalk it up to witchcraft.

13. Iris Apfel

The new face of bubbly brand Kate Spade, 93-year-old Apfel has charmed the entire fashion world, including Kanye West. May we all be blessed with such confidence and style--at any age. Her forthcoming documentary, Iris, is a must-see.

14. Adrienne Banfield-Jones

The 61-year old mother of the lovely Jada Pinkett Smith could easily be mistaken for her sister. She sent the media into a tizzy last year with these bikini pictures. It's as if her body was chiseled from stone!

15. Jane Fonda

Looks like Fonda was onto something with that whole “exercise” lark. At 77 years old (yes, for real!), the fitness guru and actress is as stunning as ever.

16. Diahann Carroll

With a career that has spanned almost six decades, the groundbreaking Carroll looks every bit as flawless now, at 79, as she did in her Julia days.

17. Isabella Rossellini

As the lady who gives Meryl Streep the anti-aging potion in Death Becomes Her, it all makes sense. This Italian actress, now 62, gives new meaning to beauty at every age.

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  • Who's your poster girl for aging fabulously?
  • If you had a potion for eternal youth in your palms, would you drink it?