'Broad City' Gets Female Friendship (And Beauty) Right

Abbi and Ilana’s beautiful and hilarious friendship is what the world needs more of.

One of my resolutions last year was to actively consume more women-centric media. I wanted to focus my attention on books, movies, and TV shows that were not only created by women, but told the stories of women.

Throughout last year, I discovered a ton of incredible works, but my favorite was Broad City.

Created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson (with help from producer and personal idol, Amy Poehler), the show follows two BFFs as they navigate their way through life in New York City. They make the most of their struggles with substance-infused hijinks, inappropriate Skype sessions, and a beautiful, perfect friendship.

While Abbi and Ilana aren’t trying to be the kind of beauty and style icons we typically expect to find in female television characters, I think they’re inspirational in their own way.

Their approach to beauty and style is the sort of DGAF attitude born of genuine confidence and a limited budget.

Ilana’s bevy of colored tights and crop-tops speaks to my stylistic sensibilities. And I’m not sure I’ve ever related to a moment of television more than the scene where Abbi asks a saleswoman about the return policy for a $400 dress she just bought, before responding with, “Then I’ll see you in 30 days.”

Many of their looks are enviable, too! Let’s take a look at Ilana’s “I Dream of Genie”-esque ponytail from season 1, episode 5.

The girls also understand the importance of glamour, obviously.

Ilana clearly takes her beauty sleep seriously, as do I.

Abbi’s bangs are always perfect and she understands the power of a good, sexy dress.

And both girls understand the importance of a healthy diet.

Even more so than the antics and pot smoking, here is what draws me in to Broad City: These are two women in their twenties, a notoriously insecure time in most people’s lives, who are truly and deeply committed to raising each other up and supporting each other in every single way.

Abbi and Ilana’s friendship is the kind of thing this world needs more of. Women need to be down to love each other.

We need more women who want to compliment each other, not criticize each other. In a world of gossip magazines and anonymous Internet trolling, Broad City’s female love fest is refreshing and thrilling.

While my 2014 resolution led me, thank goodness, to Broad City, my 2015 resolution is to more fully embrace the show’s attitude. I want to spend more time loving and lifting up the women around me. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, I think we can all pledge to be the Ilana to each other’s Abbi and so on. There’s enough negative energy in this world. Let’s remind each other how hot we are as often as possible.

Let’s just have a really great, awesome, hot, sexy time together this year. (And don’t forget, “Broad City” is back for season two! Catch it on Comedy Central; Wednesdays at 8PM EST.)

  • Are you as obsessed with Broad City as I am?
  • Are you more of an Abbi or an Ilana? Or maybe you’re a Lincoln?
  • Use the comments section to be awesome to each other! Feminist heroes!