What's on Your Beauty Wishlist This Holiday Season?

All I want for Christmas are is... all of this stuff, thank you.
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December 23, 2016
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It is just about the day that all this consumerist needling has led up to — Christmas! And Chanukah (or is it Hanukkah?)! And Kwanzaa! With their powers combined, they are the super team conglomerate that is known as "The Holidays." Super powers include: elevating stress levels, elevating caloric intake, lowering inhibitions usually with alcohol, resurrecting ghosts to teach you moral lessons based on folklore, and the occasional act of kindness.

My household had an agreement to skip the gift-exchanging this year because of a gift-exchanging debacle last year (long story) but I keep seeing little wrapped packages accumulating in our (fake) fireplace and I'm like "Bro, we talked about this." But I'm also like, I must know what is in that Diptyque bag...

Anyway, whatever your feelings on consumerist holidays are (mine are in the ilk of hug yo kids, hug yo wife), it is SO satisfying to add items to a wishlist to potentially have those wishes fulfilled (read: purchased) either by someone else for you or for yourself.

Without further ado to this open thread, let us all answer the question:

What beauty stuff is on your holiday wishlist?

Christina: New perfume! Mine has all run out at the same time and I'm left with three spritzes of my Night perfume.

Wendy: Gift certificate for a mani/pedi or spa day. Or on demand massages from soothe, please.

Victoria: Drunk Elephant Glycolic Serum. I can no longer afford it but I refuse to live without it.

Samantha: Dries Van Noten par Frederic Malle (also a ring light).

Marci: I want someone to buy me a new bottle of Juliette Has a Gun's Gentlewoman EDP because I just... I just want someone else to spend the money, OK?

Kara: Santal 33 laundry soap and body oil, Carnal Flower EDP as always, La Mer eye creme, a Tom Ford Lips & Boys lipstick with my boyfriend's name but it doesn't actually exist sooooo ...

Rachel: I'm staying with my parents for a month between apartments and my mom got me a month of yoga at a local studio which is an amazing gift. But REALLY what I want is a keratin treatment. Someone please give me one.

Maura: Theres 0 beauty stuff on my list because I'm moving out right after Christmas so I need practical things, so idk if a blowdryer counts? ButI I really wouldn't mind receiving all of the replica fragrances if anyone feels like giving me those.. or the MAC mariah glittery lipsticks.

Dan: La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence-in-lotion. If you're using SK-II instead of this, SWITCH. That is all.

Allison: I'm still on the hunt for a new fragrance without really doing any legwork to find it, so I'd love a gift card to sephora/wherever and someone to guide me through picking a perfume without me getting a headache in the process.

Hannah L: A new fragrance! My bf got something for me I think, but I didn't give him any hints so I'm excited to see what he comes up with.

Hannah: SJP's Stash perfume, lol.

Caitlin: Someone buy me Diptyque Eau Duelle. Plz.

Kelly: I've needed to restock my NARS radiant creamy concealer and my bareMinerals bb cream for ages now (my winter skin looks so sad without them). But I'd also accept anything by Tom Ford because I just saw Nocturnal Animals and it reminded me that I like everything he makes.

Maricar: The NARS Unfiltered Cheek palette, Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Rock Steady and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette are all on my wish list. Everything else on my beauty wish list is products I already own that I want to restock on, like Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, NARS Deep Throat blush and my Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water and Essential Balancing Emulsion.

Lisa: African Botanics Kalahari bath salts

And me, Sable: I've always wanted one of those skincare devices that makes your products absorb better supposedly, like the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser or one of those micro-current ones that looks like a mini stainless steel snow scraper that's used for electro-exfoliation AND serum-absorption. What are those called? Anyone?? In the words of Marc Anthony, I NEED TO KNOW.

So let's get down to it! Tell me...

What's on YOUR beauty wishlist?