OPEN THREAD: Well, What Did You Get?

Time to brag about the beauty gifts you received!
Publish date:
December 25, 2015
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Maybe it's because I'm not a Christmas celebrator, but every time I see a commercial for a pet-supply chain in which they imply that buying gifts for your dog is as important as buying gifts for your human child, my cynical side wants to shout, "ANIMALS HAVE NO CONCEPT OF CHRISTMAS" at my TV.

OK, I don't want to shout it. I definitely have shouted it. Twice.

However, my boyfriend's parents invited me to bring my dog, Rufus, to their Pennsylvania home this week, and once he and their cat were done freaking each other out, Rufus entered best-behavior mode and seemed especially respectful and enamored of the Christmas tree and the presents beneath it — the first time he's seen such a phenomenon.

For a moment, I thought, Maybe he DOES know it's Christmas time at all! (Feeeed the worrrrrld...)

But then I re-convinced myself that he doesn't, partly to make myself feel better for not buying him a gift. (Don't worry — he's getting plenty of treats to make up for that.)

Those of you celebrating Christmas today as well as those who have already put Hanukkah 2015 behind them — and those celebrating one of a vast array of other wintry gift-receiving occasions, including close-to-Christmas birthdays — YOU, however, probably got a gift or two or 17. And if I know you as well as I like to think I do, there were some beauty-related gifts in your holiday haul.

Therefore, today's Open Thread is dedicated entirely to the opportunity to brag about the awesome palettes, tools and gift cards you received. Post pictures! Compare notes! Discuss return policies!

In other words:

  • What did you get? Was it on your list or was it a total surprise?
  • Are any of your beauty gifts getting returned? Perhaps exchanged for something you wanted and didn't get?
  • But seriously, though, do you give your pets Christmas presents? (Also, I hope you like Christmassy dog photos because this isn't the last one you're going to see on xoVain this week — Kelly's COTW post tomorrow has a sweet Doug shot.)