OPEN THREAD: Let's Talk About Our Halloween Costumes, Duh

And let's come up with some last-minute ideas for our procrastinating friends!
Publish date:
October 30, 2015
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I'm posting a slightly early Open Thread this week because I'm assuming some of you are going to Halloween parties tonight—even though Halloween is tomorrow, on a Saturday, which is such a blessing, no?—and need to start getting ready. But I urge you to take a moment, before diving into the grease paint, to tell us about your chosen costume.

I finally decided to go as the Joker, so I can embrace my green hair. But since I found a purple cardigan—not a blazer—I might take the lazy route and be a meme-tastic "hipster" or "emo" Joker. I'll try to go whole-hog on the makeup, though.

That's pretty much what I did last year when I didn't think my costume plans through and ended up turning to Alle's last-minute scary mouth article. I just threw on a red Peter Pan collar dress and told people I was "kinderwhorror." No one got it. But that's my fault because that was a really stupid and esoteric portmanteau. People loved the makeup, though.

Speaking of not getting it, I was reminiscing about other past Halloween costumes last night (as I was lying awake in bed at 3 a.m. because that's when I'm inevitably woken up by garbage trucks every Friday morning) and realizing that I've definitely leaned heavily towards visual puns for most of my adulthood costumes.

Por ejemplo:

I thought it was obvious, but people were just like, "Uh... devil?" (Picture that being said like the State Farm khakis guy.) Come on! How have you never heard this song, or at least its name?!

Anyway, I have to go find a Batman t-shirt for my boyfriend so he can be the lazy hipster Batman to my lazy hipster Joker at the parties we're attending tomorrow. Oooh, or a hoodie with bat ears! Does anyone make something like that?! Ugh, why did I wait until October 30th?

While I scour Target and a few of the strange-smelling off-price stores in my neighborhood, tell me:

  • What are you dressing up as? Do you already have a photo of yourself in costume? Because, if so, post it!
  • Are you trying to think of something last-minute? Let's come up with some ideas!
  • What was your all-time most amazing Halloween costume?
  • And hey, talk about non-Halloween stuff, too!