We're Scouring the Beach for Whale Vomit and Rubbing Garlic on Our Zits in This Weekend's Beauty News

Plus, Rihanna is finally getting a beauty line. Maybe she'll make a blue lipstick to get us more matches on Tinder.
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April 17, 2016
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Good morning/afternoon/night/whatever to all of you, the xoDarlings who have been anxiously awaiting this installment of the beauty news for days upon days! OK, maybe I’m giving myself too much credit, but bear with me because I just gave the IRS thousands of dollars, and I need a little support and love from y’all. It’s one of the fun realities of being a sometime-freelancer, but it’s not terrible when you have a badass tax guy like mine. Kevin will literally never read this, so shoutout to Kevin! Anyway, let's get to readin' the news.

Venezuelan women are being urged to stop using their blowdryers

Venezuela is facing an energy crisis, and one of the ways their president is hoping to minimize it is by telling women to stop using their hairdryers. President Nicolas Maduro has been urging Venezuelans to take steps to reduce their power use, and he’s even given state employees Fridays off of work for two months to help offset electricity use.

He’s also asked the people of Venezuela to take small steps toward a greater good, including using clotheslines to dry their clothes taking a break from the blowdryer. He even says, “I always think a woman looks better when she just runs her fingers through her hair and lets it dry naturally.”

That sounds a little mansplain-y and weirdly oppressive, but I get it. One of my blowdryers always blew the fuse at my old house. Small changes can have a big impact, and Venezuela’s energy crisis isn’t something to joke about. If you’re interested, read all about it over on The Independent.

After months of rumors, Rihanna’s finally got a beauty line

Rihanna finally has a beauty line, which is magical and should have happened a million years ago. I really hope she’ll bring back the most beautiful red lipstick of all time, RiRi Woo, under a different name so I can buy 100 tubes of it. I have a massive drawer of lipsticks, and that one is, by far, my favorite, but dwindling to just a little stub from so much use. It’ll be a sad day when I say goodbye to RiRi Woo.

We have to wait until 2017 to see what she dreams up, but you know it’s gonna be good. Hopefully “What’s My Name”-level good.

Garlic, my dad’s nemesis, can zap your zits

Got a big ol’ pimple like the one currently residing near my upper lip? Don’t put Windex on it like the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Put garlic on it, says beauty blogger Farah Dhukai. She applied a garlic clove to one of her zits to “flatten” it out, and it basically disappeared.

So, is this an actual thing? Is the cure to clear skin just chillin’ in my fridge right now?

Seventeen asked a dermatologist if garlic can keep away vampires, enliven your pasta dishes and shrink your zits. According to Dr. Amy Weschler, “Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic. Allicin has anti-inflammatory properties, so it's possible that applying some could take down the inflammation.”

Garlic probably won’t cure your acne, but hey, if it shrinks this monster on my face enough so I can cover it up pre-karaoke night, that works for me.

Blue lipstick might land you more Tinder dates

Remember way back in the early days of xoVain when I tried a few different makeup looks to see which ones gave me the best Tinder matches? That was fun, and one of the only times I ever used Tinder. I know this story has been done to death, but I still enjoy reading first-person makeup experiments. I’ll pretty much read any of them, and same goes for those “I Let (X PERSON) Dress Me for a Week.” That’s Kara clickbait.

A Refinery29 writer tried a few different shades of lipstick on her various dating apps to see which ones got the best results. My signature shade, red, is supposed to be the most popular with dudes, so she tried that. She also tried blue and got some pretty great reactions from it, which is funny to me. When I wore blue lipstick around one of my exes, he told me I looked like a Titanic ghost.

The writer doesn’t really learn anything from her experiment, but the blue lipstick did get her two dates purely as a conversation starter.

Whale vomit could make you rich and make you smell great

Start scouring the beach on your next vacation, because whale vomit could make you rich, or at least pay off your student loans. It's not really vomit, though — it's ambergris, a rare substance that comes from whales which is often used in perfumery. A UK couple just found a chunk of what looks to be ambergris, and if it's confirmed to be the waxy, smelly substance, they could make up to $70,000!

Only a small amount of sperm whales actually make ambergris. Writer Christoper Kemp, who wrote a book on ambergris, told CNN that ambergris is super-rare and often a result of whale indigestion. Perfumers use it to add an earthy element to scents and to make them last longer on your skin. Ambergris joins civet, which is a musky smell found in a deer's anal glands, as one of the grosser elements of perfumery. Beauty is glamorous, right?

Gigi Gorgeous is ready to be the next big supermodel


Doing a little light reading on break at my @Galore shoot🤗📖💕

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I just learned about model Gigi Gorgeous a few weeks ago. I know — where was I hiding? Her face is everywhere. The New York Times recently profiled Gigi, born Gregory, about her origins as a beauty vlogger, her partnerships with big brands, her time hanging out with both Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner, and how meeting famous transgender glamour model Amanda Lepore helped her realize that it was time to start hormone therapy and become Gigi.

The internet creates its own icons in a different way than the fashion and beauty industry, and sometimes those big machines take notice of who people are following on Instagram, watching on YouTube and interacting with on Twitter. We’ve seen this before with people like Michelle Phan, Jeffree Starr and even with the Jenner sisters, whose active social media platforms keep them constantly in our faces. Though Gigi is doing big things in the beauty and fashion world now, she’s gonna stay faithful to her internet crew, too. She told the Times that when she has a bad day, “I could go on Twitter, Instagram, and literally, my soul will be lifted by things that I see. It just makes me really happy.”

Hey, that’s how I feel about xoVain!

  • Have you ever tried a Tinder makeup experiment? What did you learn?
  • Who's your favorite internet superstar?
  • Do you pause any of your beauty rituals to help save the world? (Hey, skipping a shampoo or two helps too!)