Beauty Roundup: Remembering Lauren Bacall: Unforgettable Images and Quotes

A photo timeline with Bacall's most memorable quotes leads this week's beauty links from around the Internet.
Publish date:
August 13, 2014
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· Following Robin Williams' tragic suicide, yesterday was another sad day for Hollywood: iconic actress and natural beauty Lauren Bacall died of a massive stroke at age 89. CNN has a roundup of Bacall's most memorable quotes and images. [CNN]

· Sonia Kashuk is celebrating 15 years at Target by sharing 15 beauty commandments, including pearls of wisdom like, "Price does not always dictate quality!" #Truth [BellaSugar]

· Shark Week nail art? I could get with. Shark Week makeup? Maybe so, but not LITERAL shark makeup. But if you're into it (or you're looking for Halloween inspiration), dug up these Shark Week makeup tutorials. Just don’t go scaring any kids. [Lipstick]

· I know y’all have already seen Rihanna’s September W Magazine cover and spread, but I’m calling dibs on this look for Halloween (see where my mind's at?). I’m serious. DON’T STEAL MY IDEA. [StyleCaster]

· If you wear heavy earrings, know that it could eventually lead to sagging earlobes. Please stop, lest you find yourself in a clinic for eartox. Yes, eartox is real. [DailyMail]

· I know how you all love to read labels and keep up on ingredient dos and don'ts. Get out your notepads out: here are a few scary sounding ingredients that do more help than harm. [YouBeauty]

· Just when I thought I’d read it all. Apparently my never-ending migraines could possibly be relieved by having a plastic surgeon target my migraine trigger sites via incisions in my upper eyelids. That’s no big deal, right? Totally normal. [Refinery29]

· Because I’m obsessed with Drake eyebrows, I thought I’d share some celebrity brow inspiration for anyone else who's growing out their brows. We’ll get there sooner than later--maybe. Either way, these are some killer brows. [Byrdie]

· If you haven’t searched #MakeupTransformation on Twitter and Instagram, you might want to take a look to see how men think women look when they wear makeup. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty funny. [BuzzFeed]