Thanks For Helping Me Choose My New Glasses! Also, COTW!

I chose one of the four contenders but there's a surprise twist.
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December 12, 2015
cotw, glasses, red lipstick

Remember when I crowdsourced which new glasses I should get? Well, I finally narrowed it down to one pair, and I couldn't have done it without your input.

In the end I chose Warby Parker's Durand glasses, but in Woodland Tortoise instead of the color I originally showed you, Saddle Russet.

The lenses big enough to show off eye makeup, and as a major bonus, the tortoiseshell pattern goes great with red lipstick. Red lipstick is helping me make all my style decisions lately.

So thanks to everyone who shared their opinion, but especially those who voted for the Durand. (Just kidding.)

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "General Burnsthighs" had a great suggestion if you're gifting your man beard oil this holiday:

~hot tip~ tell your manpanion to use his beard oil on his pubes, too.

2. "djripley" shared a place to buy organic oil AND an awesome history story:

Acure organics sells 100% organic marula oil for about 16 bucks. Rated five stars by Paula's beautypedia (they sell argan too). Unrelated to the oil discussion, but related to Hanukkah, my favorite bit of recent Jewish history is that Vidal Sassoon was a Jewish street thug (in the best way), beating up fascists in England after he finished serving in WWII.. and then he'd head to the salon and cut fancy ladies' hair!

3. "Not a Real Green Dress" had a cool perspective on wearing bright makeup on hooded eyes:

I actually like wearing bright eyeshadow on my hooded eyes. No one knows you're rocking a bright colour until BAM, you blink and there's a flash of green or purple or whatever. Thanks, hooded eyes, for allowing me to wear bright/heavy shadows in places where it might not necessarily be considered "100% appropriate".

4. "Shmoe" shared this great tip for anyone gifting fragrance this holiday:

I'm currently crushing hard on the Commodity fragrances. I got samples of Moss and Wool, and really like layering those two, and especially love Wool by itself. The sad thing is, I feel like they have no staying power. Gone in an hour on me :( ETA, if you are into gifting, Commodity does have pretty great gift packages. They come with a 10 scent tester pack and a code for the recipient to pick 1 travel size, 3 travel size, or one full size (depending on which gift package you pick) after they try the scents.

5. Pretty sure "sybilvain" had the same reaction as the rest of us upon seeing Winona Ryder in Marc Jacobs Beauty's spring campaign:

Stealing that under-the-wing highlight that Winona's got up there. Now if only I could copy whatever it is that makes her literally never age.

  • What do you think of my new glasses?
  • When did you last let makeup guide your style (or life) choices?