When Victoria Beckham Even THINKS About Creating a Beauty Line, It's News

Plus, Barbie's ever-changing face, an Instagram model gets too real for her followers, and more in this NEW WEEKEND EDITION of beauty news!
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November 22, 2015
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Good morning, Upper East Siders!

Oh… wait. That’s not what this is. Let’s try again.

Good evening, San Diego. I’m Veronica Corningstone and this is the Weekend Edition of xoVain’s Beauty News!

(Marci, did I do that right?)

Anyway, hi everyone! Did you miss me? I miss you! So Marci was like, “Hey, how about you write the new weekend news and be like that cute blonde weekend news anchor?” I’m putting words in her mouth, but the sentiment was the same.

A lot changes in the beauty world over the course of a week, so we’re giving you a double dose of the hardest-hitting, most pondersome (that is not a word) stuff that occurs as the world turns.


Barbie changes her look waaaay more than I do

Did you worship at the altar of Barbie as a kid? I did, obviously. I still have all my Barbies, their house and their pink Porsche, packed away in my mom’s basement 'til I have a kid. She’s been around for a long, long time—longer than Madonna—and so of course Barbie is going to change her look with the times. She’s the ultimate modern girl. (Have you seen the Moschino Barbie commercial yet?)

A Tumblr user took a photo of Babs in every year of her life, and it’s fascinating to see how such an iconic doll was tweaked to suit the era. She gets a tan in the ‘70s and adds a little pastel pink to her hair in 2013. I like glam ‘50s Barbie and the bright-eyed Barbie of my childhood in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s the best.

Check out all the looks here. She gets a little too glam in 2011, doesn’t she?

A Modern Family actor has revealed he’s been suffering with body dysmorphia

Reid Ewing, who plays Haley’s boyfriend on my mom’s favorite TV show, has recently revealed that he’s struggled with body dysmorphia for several years.

What is body dysmorphia? It’s a mental illness where the individual obsesses over their image and flaws, real or imagined. It’s categorized within the obsessive-compulsive spectrum and affects men and women equally.

Ewing got his first plastic surgery, a cheek implant, when he was 19. Ewing told the Huffington Post that after the surgery, he woke up in intense pain and spent weeks hiding in a hotel room until the swelling went down. After his surgery, there were complications; it seems Ewing’s doctor had given him cheekbone implants instead of cheek implants. The doctor advised a chin implant, and Ewing agreed.

Ewing has now had several procedures and regrets them all. He’s come clean about his body dysmorphia in hopes that others will seek treatment. Reid isn’t acting as frequently anymore; his HuffPo piece mentions that he’s attending college in Utah. Kudos to you, Reid—it’s very brave to address a condition that we often only encounter in shows like Botched.

Bye bye, microbeads! You’re on your way outta here

Remember when Marci wrote about New York banning microbeads, those little scrubby exfoliants that we’ve discovered never disintegrate and instead hang out in the water forever, often harming birds and fish? The bill to ban them has now gone completely national. The U.S. House of Representative’s Energy & Commerce committee agreed upon a bill to ban microbeads and if it passes, companies will have to ix-nay their microbeads entirely by 2018.

According to this piece, an average of FOUR MILLION microbeads pass through our sewage EVERY DAY. Once they enter the water, they’re often consumed by fish or by birds, who mistake the colorful little blobs for food.

California is already one step ahead of us (those hippies). They passed a statewide ban not too long ago, and microbeads will be banned for good in Cali by 2020.

Posh by Posh Cosmetics could be a reality

OK, there’s no way Victoria Beckham would ever call her makeup line something like that, but my 11-year-old heart can dream, right? Which Spice Girl were you in 1997? I was Baby.

V-Becks, who has a very successful and legit fashion line, was recently asked about dipping her toes into the beauty world and she played coy, but said it’s something she wants to go into at some point.

Victoria has impeccable taste and style, so I’d love a beauty line; she’s already made nail polishes. Oh… and Rock & Republic sparkly jeans. We’ll forget about that one for now.

Popular Insta-blogger loses thousands of followers when she gets “ugly”

We’re seeing a lot of blogger backlash against the “perfect” worlds they themselves created via Instagram. Essena O’Neill was the first, and whether or not she was coming from a genuine place is to be discussed in the comments below.

Another blogger, Stina Sanders, decided to post some of her less flattering moments to her channel of over 60k followers. She showed herself using a depilatory on her upper lip and going for a colonic. She took selfies from “ugly” angles instead of the faithful go-tos showing off her best angles.

She told People magazine, “Personally, I think Instagram is so fake—the amount of filters, the airbrushing—so I thought it would be interesting.”

(Removing the filters? I could never! My chin acne will never see the light of day!)

So what happened? Though each post got a decent amount of “likes,” she also noticed a mass exodus of followers.

Do people only want to see the glamorous? I think if I’m following someone for a reason, like their luxe vacations, that’s probably all I’d want to see. What do you think?

  • Which era of Barbie is your favorite? Why?
  • Do you still use a microbead product? When will you ditch it? Do you think people are being crazy?
  • Do you follow your fave Instagrammers because their photos look a certain way, or do you like when they “get real”?