You Probably Won't Be Seeing a Sephora Collection in This Pantone Color

But perhaps this woman with shin-long rainbow hair will consider it next.
Publish date:
June 12, 2016
long hair, smoking, Pantone, makeovers, rainbow hair

It’s tiiiiiiiiiime once again for the weekend beauty news! Do you think about this like SNL's “Weekend Update"? Sometimes I do. Other times, I like to pretend I’m reading you guys the news like Romy and Michele would. I don’t know why, but that’s just what I visualize.

Anyway, I have a very busy day of beaching to get to, so let’s dive right in, shall we? Pour yourself a cup of coffee or a cocktail (I’m currently sipping on a ruby red grapefruit vodka with Pamplemousse LaCroix) and let’s get to newsin’!

Would this ugly color stop you from buying cigarettes?

When you think of Pantone, you probably think of its beautiful Colors of the Year, like Rose Quartz and Emerald. You probably don’t think of baby-poop brown. Sorry, but that’s basically what “opaque couché” is. It’s technically called Pantone 448-C, and now Australia is putting this color to work.

They asked a bunch of smokers which colors were the ugliest, thinking that maybe covering a cigarette box with a really ugly shade would dissuade people from buying it. Opaque couché won; the testers thought it looked like tar and “death.”

Pantone’s executive director holds all colors near and dear to her heart. She told the Guardian, “At the Pantone Color Institute, we consider all colours equally.” Leslie Eiseman went on to explain that 448-C is most often seen in shoes and couches, not as the centerpiece of a Sephora collection.

I can totally see this idea working; when I was a kid, I used to beg my mom (a smoker back in the day) to buy Misty cigarettes because they had rainbows on the packaging! She never would.

A reality show makeunder for the British Human Barbie

You guys know I love Human Barbies. I’m fascinated by people who change their appearance so drastically to look like my beloved childhood doll. Cosmopolitan is my #1 source for all Human Barbie news, and their latest installment involves a British version of the Mattel queen. Jade-Lynn, 20, slathers on self-tanner and has GG-cup boobs. The TV show 100% Hotter enlisted Jade-Lynn to undergo a makeunder, and the results were actually totally shocking.

First, Jade-Lynn had to get rid of her layers of tan. The panel of “experts” called her Barbie look a “2 out of 10,” which seems really heartless. If this is what she wants to look like, what’s the harm? They stripped her of her tan, lashes and extensions, and this is what she ended up looking like.

She doesn’t look happy! She looks pretty, but you probably, can tell she’s not comfortable. I like makeover shows if the subject is actually willing to make a change, but this one kinda bums me out. Apparently, after the show Jade-Lynn went back to her old ways, though she did ditch her extensions because they were pulling her hair out.

Go on with your Barbie self, Jade-Lynn. Barbie’s awesome!

You’ve never seen rainbow hair like this before

Did you have super-long hair when you were a kid? I did. It was almost down to my butt before I chopped it all off at age eight. I’ve never wanted to grow it out that long again, and I’m always fascinated when I see women with super-long hair.

Instagram user @treelocks is one such woman. Her hair, which is 100% hers — falls past her knees! That’s some Rapunzel shit. Right now, it’s rainbow-colored, but she’s had it dyed in blacklight neons too. Look at how long her braid is!

Her natural hair is dark brown, and it looks like these crazy colors are a recent obsession. Can you imagine the bleach sessions she had to sit through? As someone who freaks out if her hair is longer than her collarbone, these uber-long styles make me itchy, but it would be super-fun to be a stylist and make color magic with all that hair!

  • What do you think about the Australian Pantone idea? If you're a smoker, would ugly-colored packaging deter you from buying cigs?
  • What do you think of makeover shows? I used to LOVE What Not to Wear in junior high, but as I got older, it depressed me more and more. They put everyone in A-Line skirts!
  • How long is the longest you can wear your hair before you freak out?